Sunday, September 02, 2018

Long Weekend Is Over (already)!

We will go home tomorrow. My son Klint's children need to get back to school but we plan to head up here one more time before the moose hunting season closes. Doug will combine his cardio walk with moose hunting at home.

I can't add photos from our time here in Clear for I don't see an upload option while using my phone.  I can't post at all from my browser of choice Duckduckgo! Blogger only works from my phone with Safari. That doesn't endear me to Apple at all! Apple censors. 😡

We had some great times here this long Labor Day weekend.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Well then! IF I use safari...

Rain blast from the past! Our older grandchildren from another rainy camping trip! Such sweet faces!


We got to Clear in a downpour. It appears that I will not be able to post photos away from a wifi connection. I am happy for the connection that I do have way out here. It was upgraded to accomodate the road crew a few years back! Before that it was nearly impossible to send even texts! We had to get on our four wheelers and find a more receptive area.

I walked around camp yesterday and saw moose sign and some other sign, possibly porquepine.

I had a good quiet time this morning. I woke up reciting the Lord's prayer. Our Father which art... who art? So I got up to read my Bible. Those two words are very different. Which or who. So went to Matthew 5. Jesus teachings are so very deep, so very simple at the same time! The prayer in Matthew is "Our Father in heaven"... I was reciting a memorized prayer I believe from the Russian Orthodox prayer book. (I wish I had one of those little prayer books we had from RO sunday school.) My parents Senafont and Vera Shugak hosted the youth in their house when I was little.. Drip

Drip. Drip. Drip!!