Thursday, October 20, 2005

Broken Things

I woke up early this morning.
I thought I heard my youngest son's truck running. I didn't see him yesterday, so since I was wide awake I got out of bed, dressed and hurried downstairs to say "good morning."
"Good morning," he replied, smiled and gave me a kiss on top of my head. (Both of my sons do that to their short Mom.)
"I didn't see you last night" I said.
He told me he had gone over to Tiffany's parents home for dinner and when he finally got up here he went straight down the hill to his little room above the wood shop without stopping in.
He said that his truck was not running right and didn't know if he would make it to work. I got a kiss and a hug from him as he left and then Chewy and I settled on the couch to snoozle while we waited for Marie to get up. (Marie lives here with us.) Just as I fell asleep the phone rang and it was Kris. He was having truck problems and he didn't know if he would make it back home. He asked if he could drive the Impala to work today.
I waited and then I watched as he nursed his truck all the way back the long driveway to the house. I opened the garage door to let him in. He hurried in with his coffee, got into my car, backed out of the garage and left.
Broken truck. I was pouring another cup of coffee and noticed the lights in the cabin across the lake were not lit yet. My son Klint and his wife Calli live next door (great neighbors!) and normally their place is all lit up by this time, so I decided I would call over there to make sure they were not oversleeping.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
I saw a light and and then my oldest son answered.
I said, "Uppy, uppy time!".
He laughed and said their alarm was not working right and thanks for calling.
Broken alarm clock. I sat and read, waiting for Marie to come downstairs before going to work.
"Sad news this morning," she said as she sat down.
I asked her what she had heard.
She got teary eyes and told me that a 23 year old mother in California took her three children down to a pier in San Francisco, undressed them then dropped them into the ocean. Six, three and one years old. (Story Link)
Broken mind.

A Child's Laughter All the bells of heaven may ring, All the birds of heaven may sing, All the wells on earth may spring, All the winds on earth may bring All sweet sounds together; Sweeter far than all things heard, Hand of harper, tone of bird, Sound of woods at sundawn stirred, Welling water's winsome word, Wind in warm wan weather, One thing yet there is, that none Hearing ere its chime be done Knows not well the sweetest one Heard of man beneath the sun, Hoped in heaven hereafter; Soft and strong and loud and light--- When the soul of all delight Fills a child's clear laughter. Golden bells of welcome rolled Never forth such notes nor told Hours so blithe in tones so bold, As the radiant mouth of gold Here that rings forth heaven. If the golden-crested wren Were a nightingale---why, then, Something seen and heard of men Might be half as sweet as when Laughs a child of seven. Algernon Charles Swinburne "Poems That Live Forever"

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD." Psalms 31: 24


Kerri said...

What a mix of emotions! I was touched by picturing you getting kissed on top of your head...then giggled as you told how you woke up your son...then felt so sad while reading the story of those poor babies. I'm so glad you started blogging. I love the way you write! *hugs*

akeskileut said...

That is a sad story.
Hope Kris gets his truck fixed soon..them cars take so much out of the coffers..:-(
Hugs to M!!