Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hunting, Birthdays, Anniversary

What a busy time we've had around here! Busy but we've had some fun days since I've last posted. Our other daughter Kim, our oldest grandson, my Mom, Doug's Dad, Doug's brother, my sister all had birthdays!!!! Oh my goodness. All that cake and 36 years ago Doug and I decided to be married in September too! So we got to celebrate some of these days while out hunting this fall.

Kim is such an outdoorsy person. She loves to go camping and riding four-wheelers and her family joins in her passion too. It was fun to have them along for the hunt this year, even if we didn't get a moose! We sure enjoyed her family, Klint's family, Doug's brother Mark and his two sons, and Marie and Tucker even drove out to celebrate Tucker's birthday at camp with us. Tucker's Dad Chris was around but he decided to camp up on the mountain in case he had a better chance of getting a moose. Sadly he missed out on lots of riding, lots of campfire cooking and lots of talk. It was great.

I hope you all are having a gorgeous fall!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sharing Roses

Roses are such a pleasant part of creation. I so love them. This year my grandsons sold them and I bought three of them. They have been a joy to watch grow and bloom.

I used to walk my twins to the flowers on the campus of the Bible College Doug was going to saying "lovely flowers." They made their own word and would repeat "ff-lawv-e-lee's."

Karolyn Marie and Karla Mae - you girls are always a joy to me, and just like the roses - you make my heart happy. Thanks for being that to me. God has blessed Dad and I with so much more than we deserve.

What a wonderful God to have given "Twin A" and "Twin B" to us... how many years ago now??? ha

The Twinz - They've been roses in our lives.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Run! Moto Run!

Picture of Moto as he swam along side the paddle boat.

Our dog Moto, which just this morning I thought to myself I may change his name to "Rambo" for he is so rambunctious, came crashing up on to the back deck and slammed himself into the door. I was reading when he did that and I thought, was that someone on the deck, or was that an earthquake? Chewy and I watched the door.

Then crash bang again and I could see the porch swing swinging thru the window. I got up and peeked out. There was Moto, crawling along under the porch swing, panting away like crazy. I watched as he squeezed himself up between the swing and the railing.

What IS he doing? I went to the door to ask him when I saw him running past the window. By the time I got outside I only saw his tail going around the side of the house. I ran to the front door and called him. He came running, occasionally biting his back legs as he came.

I thought, "OH NO! He must be shot!" I saw my old dog Chevy coming up the hill, he was panting too! Moto had left him way behind from where ever it was that they had been and he only then had got home behind him.

I began to examine Moto who had the whole time had been going in circles on the deck biting at his haunches. THEN I saw the wasps!!!!!! OH MY WORD! This Grammaloo gave up all noble ideas of helping her tormented dog and ran inside, slamming the door on the poor Moto who tried to run in right behind her!!!! :-D

From my own safe vantage point I called to Doug (on his Tuesday working from home day) and he hurried to help Moto. It turned out there were like two or three wasps that must have clung to Moto continuing to sting him as he ran!

It's AG now. I am sure Moto is still feeling the effects of those awful wasps. He is quietly hiding under the front porch right now and I am wondering where those nasty wasps have decided to nest!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Learning to Share Again

Our new grandbaby was born on August 29th, at night after Calli had two long days of labor. That was hard for us to endure! I think Calli did the best of everyone! She is such a sweet lady!

Their little family will be coming home today!

Here are pictures of Reese Ann taken shortly after birth. She is so sweet and I we all love to hold her, so we have to learn to share again!

Welcome to our world "little peanut butter cup."

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Life Comes!

Klint's first birthday! LOL! He was not always so clean was he! ? ha!

New life happens and the wonder of new birth is coming to our family really soon. We are so happy for Calli and Klint as they anticipate their first born. She has begun the process of birthing today, on Reese Ann's due date.

New life is awesome and only comes from God. Not only new life physically but new life spiritually! Both are miracles that happen over and over!

"For I know that my Redeemer lives, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth; and though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me." Job 19:25,26,27

Keep checking back for pictures of our newest grandBABE, Reese Ann. She should be here before too long, hopefully. Pray for Calli!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's A Small World

Talk It Over With God
You're worried and troubled about everything,
Wondering and fearing what tomorrow will bring.
You long to tell someone, for you feel so alone,
But your friends are all burdened with cares of their own.
There is only one place and only one Friend
Who is never too busy, and you can always depend
On Him to be waiting, with arms open wide,
To hear all the troubles you came to confide.
For the heavenly Father will always be there
When you seek Him and find Him at the altar of prayer.
Helen Steiner Rice
(From the book: "God's Promises from A to Z")

There seems to be a lot of things to think about lately, not only within my circle of family and friends but for our country and the world. I believe that being so inter-net-connected has contributed to the seemingly smallness of our world.

We always have to keep the time we set aside to spend it with God or else we can be overwhelmed. God is always the same, never has changed and He never will! And He walks before us, guiding us. I want to follow Him, not someone else, I hope you do too.

"In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider; God has made the one as well as the other, so that many may not find out anything that will be after him." Ecclesiastes 7:14

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Are You Setting Your Gaze?

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.

Whatever I set my eyes on influences me. When I continue to keep focused there, it changes me. It is important that I always stay aware of what or whom I am allowing my mind and my focus to be influenced by.

I love that we have God's word so readily available in the USA and I pray that this freedom continues to be allowed to us. It is such a treasure to have the written Word of God. I can't even imagine my life without it's influence.

I pray that you have a great day today. Read the Bible, it's influence is eternal.

Here is a good read on the miracle of the Bible. It is testimony of the heart of God to have kept the Bible going for thousands of years so I can read it today! It's a short book so get your beverage of choice! The Miracle of the Bible

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Cradle

It's getting close to Calli's due date and she's ready for baby to be coming along anytime soon! We stopped at the Yamaha shop today on the 4-wheeler ride home to look at the Rhino's (dream). The owner mentioned that her birthday could possibly be in September since her due date is so close to the end of the month (28th). I never thought of that! I'm always thinking her baby will be early or right on time. If Reese Ann waits for September that will add to our already fully loaded month of birthdays in our family! What ever day she comes it will forever become a special day in our family!

Doug built this cradle and I think it turned out so beautiful. He knows where the flaws are and thinks he can do a better job --- next time! We all think it's great already!

Good job Doug! I love it and so does Klint and Calli!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Pictures are from around the place.

Everything is going well here. We've been having some beautiful, sunny days here and we all are pretty tanned! My sons and husband have been doing a lot of excavating too so it's been fun watching the changes around here. Yard work included a brick wall and planting some perennials, peonies, that we hope will take and come back again next year. We plan to also put some wild iris out there too. The grand kids have been coming up to enjoy the lake and my granddaughters spend nights with us which is always fun but no time for the Internet either! We've been four-wheeling, and doing some camping trips away from home too.

Our newest granddaughter has a name! Reese Ann, she's gonna be our Lil Buttercup! Getting excited to see her. She is scheduled to arrive around August 28th! I've been knitting for her. Made a newborn hat and some booties. Isn't her Momma beautiful?

I hope everyone else is well. I try to get by the blogs but have not been doing that very well either! I think of you and when I do I say a prayer that God reveals Himself in a new way to you.

If I had my journal up here by my computer I would share some of the many thoughts I've written down all summer while I read my Bible, but... it's way downstairs. Next time!

Praises and honor to Abba Father always.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snow in June

Picture of my family in Aleknagik, along with our grandchildren Lexie and Ashlee. (We were there in May.)

Woke up to snow on the mountain tops this week. A friend of mine that used to live in Alaska mentioned termination dust! Oh my word NO! This morning I went outdoors and I have to admit that the air felt fall-ish. The sun was shining on my back but the air had a definite feel of fall in it.

I don't look forward to summer dwindling, but we live in Alaska and I must accept it. Makes me think of merino wool and how much I love merino wool! It is wool, warm like wool, but it's not itchy! I love that stuff! I think it's a good idea for people that live in the cooler areas to invest in good wool clothing, especially with the cost of fuel so ridiculous. People used to survive without oil-even in Alaska!

Mom is visiting my sister Rebecca in Pedro Bay, she asked about knitting patterns, so I did a search and found something online and while I was looking I got the feeling like I should knit again. Oh my word, it passed by the time I printed out some patterns. ha

Does anyone have a good pattern for arctic socks? She would like a pattern for those.

Hope you all are having a great summer... at least warm! I heard from a friend it was 104 F in Texas!!! Now that is extreme! yikes

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cool Video

I got this link from a friend and I enjoyed it so much I thought I would share it here. If you have not seen it yet it's The Great Chinese State Circus, ( Swan Lake. Acrobatics and dance combined. It's pretty cool and had to have taken hours and hours of practice!

Give it time to load, it's worth it.

It is amazing to me what the human body can accomplish if there is determination to excel. Enjoy.

Here is my favorite little dancer once again! Raegan, our daughter Karla's Babe! She is so cute! Raegan turns two and dances to Mama-Mia!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Impromtu Fellowship!

We had a beautiful, refreshing visit down in Aleknagik with my sister Kotya and her family. I loved the week we spent with them. We cut it a day short to skedaddle out before the low that was threatening reached us. We decided it was best we left when we could, otherwise we could probably be out there longer than Doug should be. Life happens - and we must comply!

Chris and Kotya have an older empty house that came with the property that they purchased to build their own home on, that is where we slept while out there. We were so comfortable we could have spent the whole summer out there, well at least I could have. :-)

One of the highlights of this trip for me happened on Sunday. Aleknagik has been without a regular pastor for many years but last winter they had the blessing of someone preaching regularly all winter. (Sorry can't remember his name.) He went to Bethel for the summer, perhaps to fish? Anyway, I asked Kotya, "Will there be church tomorrow?" "No, because we don't have a pastor this summer. If there is church, the bell will ring." How cool is that?

Early Sunday morning Doug and I got up and went out to walk up to the airfield, and check out a bit more of the village. As we were walking down to the dock area the church bell began to ring! We stopped, listened, and then walked back up towards the church where we met Joe-Joe for the first time. "Is there going to be church this morning?" "If people show up, I guess we can always worship," Joe-Joe replied. Cool!

We all ended up in church together that morning because after Joe-Joe finished teaching Sunday School to the children, one of them ran to the bell and rang it before he could stop her. "I was not expecting to lead church today, the kid that rang the bell got me into a position I didn't really want to be in." We laughed. There was about thirteen of us there that morning. We sang, heard a special from Kay and heard testimonies. It was all such a blessing to me.

Joe-Joe's testimony of being pulled out of alcoholism when he was saved encouraged my heart. He spoke so well of his love for God. He said that one day he ran out of gas and the Pastor was going by and stopped to help him. His heart was touched by his care for him, which he felt he did not deserve. Shortly after that he repented of the way he had spent his life and made a turn around. He read the Bible and from his talk/testimony I could hear the salt of God's word. "God came and shined a light in the dark place where I was and He saved me." I am so thankful for the fellowship of other Believer's wherever we go.

God redeems those willing to see sin as sin; turning away from sin and daily living life challenged by the life-changing Word of God. When His Word is shined into our dark lives it is filled with Light. There is joy and peace in abundance for those that will see themselves as they are - the lost, the needy, those who Christ lovingly paid the blood price to win back from the bondage of sin. There is no other way to God the Father that God will accept - except for the gift that our True Friend came along side us to give by dying and rising again.

Pray for Joe-Joe and for the believers in Aleknagik, for we have a powerful enemy that skulks around looking for ways to dim the Light that shines, making it of little effect to those still lost in darkness. And wherever you are Believer... shine brightly, for you have been given the Words of Life Eternal! Keep getting together Aleknagik Christian's, and keep encouraging each other to stand firm until He returns.

But every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin; and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death. Do no err, my beloved brethren." James 1:14, 15, 16.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jesus Wells

Treasures in the Rain

Speaking about water, have you ever thought about what it would be like to not have fresh water at a turn of the wrist? I realize that even in the USA some people live with less than desirable water, there are villages in Alaska that the water is not good for consumption, but most of us have good drinking water.

Once Doug and I returned home late at night after being in Anchorage during a winter chinook. (This happened while we still lived in Wasilla.) The ice and snow had been melting and running all day over the frozen ground, down the hill, and finally into our ground well!

Once we got inside the house without slipping on the wet ice everywhere, I turned on the tap water to clean the children so they were ready for bed. The water was brown! I was horrified as I watched it run down the drain! Doug figured out the trouble almost immediately and had the well area cleaned up, the dirty melted water diverted away from our well by chopping a quick channel with a pick. He added Clorox to the well and we waited for the water to run clean again.

It is not good to be without clean water!

I remembered that time while I learned about Gospel for Asia's ministry of Jesus Wells, or putting in wells for towns and peoples that do not have the 'small-when-you-have-it and large-when-you-don't' luxury of fresh water. Some people are refused water because of their position in life, or because they are Christian's - refused from drawing fresh water at the existing water sites in their towns. Donations can be made at the above site if you would like to help get more wells put into those areas.

I am thankful for fresh, clean water, aren't you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Raking & Watering

I was out in the yard today checking out the trees and shrubs and raking. Looks like the robust and hardy rugosa roses suffered! Not sure if they all will be coming back. I see growth only on one. Could be it's just anxious and the others are still waking up, or not. The rhubarb even looks a bit ... questionable! (Suspicious of Moto!) The Rose Trees of China are doing EXCELLENTLY! Hooray! The mayday tree, raspberries, and two apple trees have woke up. So here we go with our growing season! The swallows, robins, geese, swans, loons, are back and the beaver are back to their wood cutting ways!!!

I got out the water hoses and began watering and watering this afternoon. Funny thing about the dried out ground, when it is really dried out and needs the most water, it won't absorb it and the water will run over the top of it and away from the plants. Time and gentle watering heals the dry ground. Allowing small splashes of water to set on top of the soil will soften it up until it finally begins to absorb water again. If the time is not spent, then most likely the plants will suffer until it rains.

Isn't this the way it is with houseplants too? "But I watered that plant!" - many of us have said at one time or another as we sadly looked at a dried up ol' twig whose soil refused to absorb. *last dead leaf falls to the floor*

Dry soil is not unlike hard hearts. Hard hearts won't accept - forgiveness, love, kindness...until somebody softens them by gently splashing them with the water hose!

Here is a verse from Ezekiel 36. The New King James Bible has the chapter titled: A Blessing On Israel.

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh." Ezekiel 36:26

Wow, a heart of stone - removed!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Diggin' Up Bones

My little dog Chewy is a funny little character. I love his company. Shihtzu's are the greatest little indoor dogs. No shedding and they love people, they especially love little people! I have to watch him for he loves to give wet, juicy, kissy, licks to little messy faces! Sometimes Mommy's don't appreciate that. Chewy and I both know that babies love it though!

Chewy listens to noises and when he hears something he may get all excited and anxious or he may growl and gruff because he can't see and does not know what the noises are. This morning he was sitting with me here beside the computer. I have the window open (ahhhhh). He heard tires and assumed it was somebody we both would like to see so he wags his tail and whines and stands looking up at the window. Sometimes on long dark winter days he will sit on the ottoman and stare at the shadowy windows, and grrr.

I've thought to myself - he does just like I do. Sometimes when I only hear bits and pieces of stories my mind fills in the missing parts with maybes and perhaps and whys. Many times I will be diggin' up ol' bones from the past and tucking them into the story too. The reasons for the maybes, perhaps, and whys. Sometimes (!!!!) I will assume that my digging is probably right! I can hear my sister saying, "Heeeeeee!"

My dogs have been diggin' up ol' bones too! I have a big ol' ugly one on the lawn today! This morning they were too quiet and quiet = mischief. They've been encouraging each other to go out of the yard these warm spring days to dig up some fabulous stinky treasures and drag them home.

This morning when I checked on them - sure enough they were gone. I called and called. The first to get back all out of breath was Moto. "OH whew!" I thought, "the dog pound guy didn't catch them!" Trailing along behind was our ol' Chevy dog. I scolded them and told them not to run off. Now they are both clipped up and dreaming of finding more big bones - I know they are because their feet are still running.

Ol' bones should only be treasured by dogs who love stinky things. They attract flies, stink up the air and then we have to find a place to bury them where they won't be dug up again! Just like memories of family and friends there are lots of words said in anger, jealousy, pride... words that just keep being dug up like ol' stinky bones.

I thank God for forgiveness! He not only forgives - He gives us His righteousness, and covers up all those stinky ol' bones with His blood! He replaces my ugliness with love, mercy, long suffering... all His characteristics.

I must resist the urges to dig up those ol' bones. With His power I can. I don't want to keep diggin' them up and draggin' them back home! yuck

I wish my dogs felt the same way!

"since you have put off the old man with his deeds, and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him," Colossians 3: 9,10. (The Recipe for Happiness: Colossians 3:5-17.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alcohol Is Ugly

Mom helping Dad and her only brother Raymond work on a fishing net. I believe that is me behind my Mom. (Someone gave this photograph to my brother Don to give to me and he can't remember who it was.)
Thanks _______ - for the picture - :-)

For those of us that have lived with alcohol in our lives and have seen the wrecks, hopelessness, sickness and abuses that it causes can understand why I say, "I hate alcohol."

It has robbed me of a loving gentle Dad in my childhood.

It robbed my Mom of peace, rest, and love in her relationship with my Dad.

My Mom's sisters, and one dear brother lost all dignity when they would drink. My memories of them are all mostly drunken.

Sadly, the ugly spirit of alcohol has toyed with our own children. It's a heartache to be woken up when called in the middle of the night or early morning for help to get out of a hard situation. Then follows the aggravation of months of dealing with the aftermath of one "fun" time somewhere - drinking.

Alcohol is the ugly reason my Mom is ousted from her home and made to live in a new situation - with us; just people that time and neglect have made strangers. Year after year she's spent "helping" my alcoholic brother to walk with Jesus. The amount of time she's spent with him, is the same time that she's been oblivious to the rest of her family.

Alcohol robbed me of my own front teeth!

Alcohol was the inhibition-reducing reason for Dad's violent behavior towards his family and friends. When he was not drinking, he was a great Dad and friend.

Alcohol robs bank accounts. Thousands of dollars are wasted - not on things needed for a home, but for more, and more alcohol.

Alcohol makes people become just like it is - ugly.

I hate alcohol.
Who needs it?
...drunks and the weak.

"Now wine today is not like that. Wine today comes straight out of the fruit, particularly the grapes as most wine comes from that, and as it comes it is purposely fermented, that's the whole point of it, to make it somehow intoxicating to one level or another, and it is consumed that way." John MacArthur

Years ago I listened with great interest to a tape as John MacArthur spoke about wine and strong drink in relation to being a deacon or elder or older woman in the church. We are not supposed to drink alcohol. I found a transcript of his message here. I listened because I was told that "it is okay to take a little wine for your health's sake." So to hear the breakdown of what wine actually was in Bible times was awesome! Their wine was nothing like the wines and certainly not the strong drinks of today.

We do not need alcohol, we have other great things to drink and so much to keep and to gain in our lives as families and friends.


Connie M. - I was never an alcoholic. My write may have given that impression but was not meant to say that I personally have struggled with alcohol abuse. Sorry for giving that false impression.

Connie BBF - I have wondered that myself. Why do American Natives struggle so much with alcohol abuse? I don't have a reply for you. When my Dad became a Christian, he didn't drink anymore. P'ing T L. I've heard so many say the same thing. I was reading about drinking this morning, and studying scriptures. I read that 1 out of every 10 persons that tries alcohol will become addicted to it. I don't know how so many of those 1's are in our towns and villages in Alaska! It is a wonderment. I can only guess that the evil one uses it - very successfully - to turning our People away from trusting in God, to trusting in a substance for comfort. Not a very good or lasting trade I might add. Perhaps that is the key to why alcoholics have become addicted - for the way it makes them feel: accepted, welcomed, comforted, numb, etc. etc.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tanalian Bible Camp

I've been to this Tanalian Camp once a very long time ago when my husband was a student at what used to be called Arctic Bible Institute. I vaguely remember giving my testimony ---and CRYING!

I get to return to Port Alsworth's Tanalian Bible Camp (Site includes webcams.) with the Alaska Freedom Band today. (Lord willing!) I'm hoping to see my sister there! My younger sister, Bec. I have five sisters. Millie is my oldest, then there is my almost twin (we are the same age right now, I'm just almost a year riper) Kotya, and Ruth, and Becca and then our youngest sis is Rachel. Mom is visiting Rachel this weekend while I will be away.

Doug and the team went to the camp last year and they are invited back again this year, so that is a good thing! I am looking forward to spending time with the Christian's out in the Iliamna area. I am thankful that I get to tag along once again with the AFB! (Last time was to Togiak.) May Jesus Christ be praised all weekend and may we all become even readier for Christ's soon return!

To be together and worship Jesus Christ is a good thing. To worship Him in one Spirit, is a gift from God! Paul says "being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." This is what Christ began! We are one. Is that not amazing? No more divisions. Many kinds of peoples coming together, becoming ONE through Christ, and praising Him. Ah, but the evil one comes around blindsiding (catching unawares, especially with harmful consequences) those overcome by the flesh who have lost sight of their salvation and been persuaded to cause divisions among God's people. Though sad when it happens, there is always forgiveness and restoration through Christ. Help us all to be aware of the evil ones tactics. Guard yourselves against his wily ways!!!! He is a destroyer, nothing good comes from him.

"Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all." Paul. (Ephesians 4: 1-6.)

Have a great weekend!

Big sad P.S.!!!!! I was setting up the Following thingy on the side, deleted all my regular bloggy visiting links and now I have to go to Dashboard everytime I want to see my regulars blogs! And sometimes I am in such a rush I don't go. I need to get you all using that following thingy like e-Mom, Faith and Joy... and ME!!! I accidently followed myself when I was trying to follow someone else and have not had time to figure out how to remove me from my own following list! arrrrrrrr! ... Follow me, hey hey.... I'm the pied piper... follow me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Strength My Redeemer

Today this verse has been busy in my mind.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer. Everything I say today, may it be filtered by that standard. For it's not my thoughts or my words that bring everlasting life, but it is those words sent from our God and our Lord that dig deep into the depths of our hearts and whisper, "This is the Truth" when it is read.

The singing at church yesterday was a blessing to me. I love the music filled with the truth of Christ's Resurrection. The triumph of Christ over death and sin's at Calvary is such a satisfying and relieving truth! The bright hope on Easter morning when I woke up with the everlasting truth beating in my heart - KRIS TOS WOS KRIS! WIES DE NOS KRIS! (written and pronounced as I remembered from childhood) Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

We should search for wisdom diligently and with hope! Just like my grandchildren did yesterday searching for eggs! They knew there were prizes and they scrambled for the hidden eggs. Some of the eggs I had numbered to match a small prize which they "fish for" after they found the eggs. What a happy time as I sat hidden behind the doorway tying on the matching prizes to the numbered eggs! They were tickled for every little gift! We had so much fun.

My daughters brought over so many goodies to share with the lamb and beef roasts I had in the oven to celebrate new spiritual life. After the fishing fun we all prayed and thanked God for the gift of His Son, willing to die to pay the price for our sin. All we have to do is choose to believe that this is the Truth, and repent for all that separates us from God, and that LIFE begins. Incredible!

To top off this beautiful day we watched our oldest grandson Tucker get asked two seriously important questions. "Tucker do you believe Jesus Christ is God's Son, that He came as a baby, He died, He rose again and He is sitting at the right side of our Father in Heaven, and that He is alive today?" Tucker said, "Yes." "Tucker, is Jesus Christ your Lord and your Savior?" Tucker said, "Yes." Tears came as we watched him submerged into the baptismal and come up completely wet.

The Truth goes on...and I am incredibly thankful.

With Christ beside me I am ready for death, are you?

But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me." Jesus (John 8:45)

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I've been busy... elsewhere!

Do you Facebook? I would like to be in contact with those that come here regularly. I put a badge up in case you would like to add me to your friends list.

So how is everyone? I need to make the rounds here at the blogging world to catch up with you.

The volcano Mt. Redoubt and earthquakes have been part of our lives up here recently. Nothing like an earthquake to get your mind focused where it should have been the whole time, hah? Gets me every time! I always remember this guy that used to come and sing up here at our church - Dan Whittemore during a quake. He said something like earthquakes are just our God shaking things up a bit to remind us to always be ready because He will be returning soon! I never forgot that advice. When I am experiencing a quake, big or small, I always remember that. Thanks Dan, where ever in the world you are. Okay, I found a website for him. Cool! (d a n wh it t emo re . com) (4/13/09 - Removed hyperlink to get rid of pop-up???)

And here is the song he was introducing, he wrote it too. :

Trumpet Song

Lately when there's no one around,
it seems I hear this strange little sound,
it sounds like a distance trumpet softly blowing.
And everytime that trumpet blows,
my heart jumps for joy,
because the louder it gets
the closer I am to going home

At first it really obsurd,
until I started reading the Word,
and the message that it spoke it spoke so clearly.
Now everytime that trumpet blows,
my heart jumps for joy,
because the louder it gets the closer
I am to going home

Going home to see my savior,
going home to claim my crown,
oh when the trump of God starts calling
you know I won't be standing 'round.
So trumpets keep on blowin'
while my heart jumps for joy,
because the louder it gets the closer
I am to going home....

All the news just is kind of unnerving and then the earth shakes and the volcano erupts and settles ash all around, makes me think ever so much more that we may be meeting our Savior face to face in the near future. That is so exciting!

My sister Millie had a bout with a urinary tract infection that put her into intensive care this past week. She is on antibiotics and recovering. Her daughter said that she was more responsive in her new surroundings while in the emergency room and then in the Intensive Care Unit. She should be close to being ready to return to the Providence Extended Care Hospital.

UPDATE: I tried to alter the Dan Whittemore url link to see if I can get rid of the sparrows songs pop up. I have no idea how they are linking to this site with that. That's a bit agressive isn't it?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool'd!

This day is always fun! As long as we don't take anything seriously it usually can be a day filled with laughter. I don't usually fall for the lies that can be freely told on April 1st, but I've been able to fool others pretty good a time or two! Not quite sure what that says about me either!

This audio was from 2006. A recording taken early in the morning BEFORE I've even had time to think! I'm always sure to remind everyone that I was not in my normally fully aware state of mind. The phone had been ringing repeatedly when I finally woke up and staggered over to answer it (it's not beside my bed!!!!). Because it took about five rings to even rouse me it had gone to the answer machine by the time I picked it up. So that is why we even have this recording! It was funny so I snagged the recording off of the phone recorder with my computer recorder. haha

Anyway! Go a head ---- have a laugh on me!

I had another fun, fun day! This is one of my favorite days - especially if I can fool someone!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Along the Way

"He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Like one from whom men hide their faces; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted" Isaiah 53:3. (Ravi Zacharias, A Slice of Infinity, Upon Holy Ground)

God Incomprehensible. Lord how great is our dilemma! In Thy Presence silence best becomes us, but love inflames our hearts and constrains us to speak. Were we to hold our peace the stones would cry out; yet if we speak, what shall we say? Teach us to know that we cannot know, for the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. Let faith support us where reason fails, and we shall think because we believe, not in order that we may believe. In Jesus Name, Amen. (A.W.Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy)

"I'm learning that people who get mad and upset do because of pride - I'm learning that from my own reactions." (Klinton VanWingerden)

Mount Redoubt volcano erupted for the second time this morning [THURSDAY,TODAY] with a huge explosion at 9:24 that sent a cloud of ash to 65,000 feet above sea level, higher than any explosion yet. With ash drifting east, Alaska Airlines has already canceled a flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks and is considering canceling more. 11:30 AM (ADN.COM)

In a hospital's Intensive Care Unit, patients always died in the same bed, on Sunday morning, at about 11:00 am, regardless of their medical condition. This puzzled the doctors and some even thought it had something to do with the supernatural. No one could solve the mystery as to why the deaths always occurred under the same circumstances, so a worldwide team of experts was assembled to investigate the cause. One Sunday morning, a few minutes before 11:00 am, all of the doctors, nurses and other experts nervously waited outside the ward to see for themselves what the terrible phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books, and other holy objects to ward off evil spirits. Just when the clock struck 11:00, Kenneth Roberts, the part-time Sunday sweeper, entered the ward and unplugged the life support system so he could use the vacuum cleaner. (My E-Mail, from Sandi)

I hope you're having or had a better day than those patients did!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twisty Kink

Ashlee, our granddaughter.

Cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait 'til tomorrow
For babies grow up
We've learned to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs
Dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my babies
'Cause babies won't keep.

That used to be a good reason to put off some cleaning back in the old days. "As long as your kitchen and bathroom are clean then that's good enough" was advice Mom gave to me once when I was so busy with little ones. You've also heard that "cleaning up with little ones around is like shoveling snow before it's stopped snowing." My little ones have grown up long ago! I never thought it would ever happen, but it did! I can clean and clean and clean but still the dust/dirt/cobwebs ends up winning.

Yesterday I pulled off the bedding and stuffed my down pillows into the washer. I've done it before and they've come through very nicely. Yesterday, I sat out on the deck in the sun with Mom (51F!) and I completely forgot about sticking the pillows into the dryer. This morning my back is a bit twisted. Thanking God for Tylenol!

The twisty kink in my upper back could be from the missing down pillow (I used one of the firm pillows that Doug likes) or it could be from trying to shake the heavy down comforter yesterday. Anyway, I slowly sat up this morning and groaned.

Spending time with children is better than trying to keep a perfect home when they are young. They grow up and are gone, but the house is still here waiting to be cleaned! Learning them how to help with the cleaning is a very good thing though. When I heard my kids say - "I am bored!" I would ask them "Would you like me to help you find something to do?" Boredom did not last long in our home!

Can you guess who this scripture is referring to?
"So the child grew and became strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his manifestation to Israel." (The Gospel According to Luke).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thar She Blows!

Mt. Redoubt on March 15, 2009.

Mt. Redoubt has vented. Here in Big Lake I have not noticed any ash fall, so that is good. Skwentna has some fallout I've heard. Not sure who, where if any else are being affected by Mt. Redoubt's eruptions last night and early this morning. Keep track of any other activity here. NOAA

If you get ash on your vehicles you have to clean it off or else the acidic ash may wreck the finish. So the guys in my family are very interested to keep track of which way the fallout is heading. I am watching. Doug has a truck out there (covered with a protecting layer of snow); my car is safe and snug in the garage; Klint, Kris and Marie keep their vehicles outdoors too.

I was in Togiak with the Alaska Freedom Band two Sunday's ago. I went to high school with others from Togiak so it was fun to see this village/town way out in West Alaska. Boy was it COLD! "The day before you got here was so warm we were out smelt fishing without our coats on." I had a hard time believing that! The wind was blowing and I felt like if I stopped moving for very long I would freeze solid where I stopped! We had some great times of worship and sharing. Thanks to Paul and Laura Frost for their hospitality!

Anyway, I took some pictures of Mt. Redoubt as we flew past on our return from Togiak. She was only steaming (March 15). Last night she finally blew off some pressure! Just like we all do sometimes huh?

Out comes the pent-up frustrations and everyone in the area knows it too. After that rumbling and venting we have to take a look-see around to see where the 'ash is falling' and THEN the hard part --- gotta try to clean up the mess before it hurts any deeper!

I've been physically tired and emotionally worn. I sit down and fall asleep and sleep really hard! I've never done that since I was pregnant! I've thought maybe it's because I am old. ha But no, I've had a full plate lately - learning to get along with a new person living in our home has been a challenge for me -- for us all.

There are many aspects of that challenge, not only the daily change of having my Mom in my house day and night. We also have to deal with my siblings that chose not in years past to be part of my family or my life but now because Mom is here I hear from them. Certain ones more than others - strong opinions of Mom's care; the things that have gone on with with Mom that are wrong - helping her to see it as wrong; the fact that my relationship with my children is being adversely affected by the troubles Mom has is very hard on me. I'm learning that dealing with a troubled elderly parent coming into ones home will affect every aspect of life! I consider it all invasive! I didn't expect this ever in all my life!

Dealing with Mom's physical problems is much easier than dealing with family/sibling issues. My family (my own siblings) issues can be like the acidic ash that is falling out there. Words that are spewed into our hearts are not so easy to clean up. So we hurt and we struggle.

But Christ...

is faithful!

I am learning to put my burden back on Him for He cares.... again! And again! And again!

Doug shared with me that one his drive home on Friday he listened to Alistair Begg speaking about the unexpected cross that Simeon was called on to carry for our Savior as He was being led to Calvary. (Do Not Weep For Me, Part A) Luke 23:26-31. Simon had been making his way to Jerusalem to worship God at the Temple and he was chosen from the crowd to carry this cross for Christ. It was unexpected, it was hard, it was heavy. I would imagine that Christ's cross was covered with His blood, and I would imagine that Simon was cleaned-up and ready for visiting the Temple. So unexpected. So it is for some of us in this world. We are called on to carry a cross sometimes, like Simon did, unexpectedly.

What cross have you been struggling with? Even though it may have been unexpected, hard, messy and heavy you can determine to carry it in such a way that it will bring praise to Jesus Christ. Listen to the sermon by Alistair Begg, it will encourage your heart like it did mine.

"Now as they led Him away, they laid hold of a certain man, Simon a Cyrenian, who was coming from the country, and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus."

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Musicale, Gathering, Ravi Zacharias

(Sorry I don't know the name of the worship team.) What a busy week and a half of meetings and messages. It was refreshing. Sixty miles of riding back and forth in snow storms, slick roads, and through car after car in the ditches was exhausting!

The Anchorage Native Musicale went by so fast! Alaska Freedom Band was scheduled to be the very last group on the very last night. They had problems. It became funny. First, our lead guitar (Steve) got messed up on his guitar solo; my brother (Don) sang his solo all wrong (a new song written by a good friend of ours); then Doug's solo voice just disappeared! My son Kris was playing drums that night and he said he was waiting for his drum sticks to go flying through the air next, but he held on to them! lol Through it all, I believe Jesus Christ was still glorified. I tell everyone that mentions the troubles they had that night that they always sound exceptional in my basement!

I was able to make it to the Anchorage Leadership Gathering for two days of the three and enjoyed the messages by Lance Kramer. We went home with a booklet with a test to see where our spiritual gift, gifts are. I am still filling it out.

Oh my goodness, how wonderful it was to be able to sit under the teaching of Ravi Zacharias, especially to see him in person! What a brilliant man of God! As he began to speak I actually wondered if I was going to even be able to understand him, I did and he was edifying. It is always a wonder to me how the Holy Spirit leads our teaching shepherds to build on each others teachings. It was good and so was the musical worship prelude.

I know I have been quiet on blogging lately. Personal relationship issues squelch the sharing urge and my heart is just not into writing - I only seem able to sit quietly, recover, and heal.

So it goes with us all from time to time, right? I do not wish to run away from anxieties but ask that God will strengthen me spiritually, draw me closer to Him each day, and make certain that there is no place for bitterness.

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.Romans 5:3 - 5

Monday, February 23, 2009

Question for Grandpa

Aunt Marie was babysitting for Karla this weekend and the kids were here a lot. It's always fun when they come, but it's always so peaceful when they go! ha

On Saturday Doug was on his way to get a load of wood and Tucker and Gunner wanted to go (for the four-wheeler ride) and "help" Grandpa. So they got into their snow gear and they all rode away.

When Doug cuts wood, he goes into the woods that the fire in 1996 left behind. (Link to an old story.) The wood is good and dry and what hasn't fallen down is still good for burning. Doug usually cuts the wood, then tosses it out of the woods towards the trailer for loading. Depending on how far he is cutting from the small wood trailer he may heave wood several times. When it's near the trailer then I can pick it up and load it. That's where I usually am when I "help" and that is where the boys were.

So, Doug cut the wood, heaved it out several times, and when he got to the trailer where the boys were loading it, Doug stood to catch his breath just when Gunner took a look at him and said, "Grandpa? Aren't you gonna do anything?"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've had continuing problems with my email account for as long as I can remember. It can go on for days without a hitch, then one day I get error messages saying my ISP does not accept my password. So it does not work for hours.

I call our ISP, they say it's a problem in my settings.(????grrr) So we go through the settings. They click on a MAGIC RESET HER EMAIL button every time because then it works again ---- for a while. Then sure as I have to breath to live, my mail goes down. I just got in the habit of waiting a few hours because by then it will be back.

Yesterday, Doug called our ISP because of a change coming down the line and they said that we needed to do some manual changes. While he had them on the line he told them to talk to me about my email problem. GRRRR. Again? So I talked to them.

The technician looked at our account and asked, what is your user name? I told him. "I don't see your email address, tell me again your user name..." (!!!) "Strange, there isn't an email address in your account like that." He went on to tell me that there is another account with that email address and her name is Laura.

HOW CAN IT BE? I've been getting mail via that account... (on and off) for years! How can we both get email with the same user name for years?

He put me on hold. When he got back on the line he was bold enough to tell me that I won't ever have that problem again. (Okay, yes sir.) Doug spoke with him again and asked how I could get email if my email was not on our account? He said, he didn't know and that my account was just floating around out there in eLa-La-Land and somehow getting my email to me anyway. (!!!!!!)

So! If you've written to me and I've received it, consider it all eJoy because it's been an ongoing eMiracle for us to even eCommunicate!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Fire - Video

Wow, it's been 16 days since my last post! ha

Here I sit with nothing to write. What's wrong with these fingers! Usually I can sit down and my hearts spills out of my fingertips. My mind is full of thoughts, but my thoughts should not be shared.

There was a big fire and I could see it right from my house. I don't know what was burning but it was burning a long time. A few fire engines were there keeping a lid on it.

This fire was burning a long time. Perhaps it was a planned fire. I didn't hear any fire engines previous to seeing the fire that's why I think it may have been a planned fire. I think firemen do that sometimes.

Doug was a volunteer fireman on the North Slope for many years. Because he is quiet and does not speak up for things that have been overlooked, he didn't get his recognition until years after the fact! That just made my blood boil! He didn't share with me that this had happened until I asked.

Doug VanWingerden
1981 - 1996
Tanker No. 9 --- Firefighter
In recognition and appreciation for 15 years of dedicated and loyal service with the Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department.

I want to mention all those ever faithful people - - husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, daughters, sons, firefighters, pastors, cleaners, care givers.... and on and on. People like Doug who have been there year after year, never paid, overlooked, and many times forgotten. Quiet and unassuming they certainly are not receiving the recognition and care that they deserve but do not expect.

For you is this forever faithful thought: God never, ever forgets and He will reward those that are faithful - maybe not in this world, but for sure it will be done someday.

Thank you Dougie, you are the best firefighter I know!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Galations 5.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Worth Passing On

Some things are just worth the trouble to pass on! I thought these things that came in email were funny.

Hundreds Protest Global-Warming!

Are YOU Ready to Switch?

Now laugh.. because it's good for the body to laugh!