Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mama-mia!!!! She's Two!

We had a fun family time together with RaeRae for her second birthday. Karla decorated musically and we all watched "Mama Mia" with Raegan! This was the first time I watched the movie. I had so much fun watching Raegan dancing throughout the whole movie! I probably could watch the movie again and see more of it that I didn't see!

The movie is a fun movie! I loved it. I couldn't accept how the movie industry has been promoting homosexual behavior and continued to do so in this movie too. That way of life is not according to how God created us to be related sexually to each other. I can't accept it as normal - just as I won't accept as normal someone with a disabling mental disorder, diabetes, a cleft palette, out of control anger, obesity, cancer, or any sickness! God did not create mankind with sickness but sin and dying did. When we died to God then sin over-powered us - in so many ugly ways.

To me, homosexual behavior is not any different from any other sins that so easily beset us. We all sin. I can't agree with the casual way our world accepts sleeping together without a commitment to each other of marriage (or jumping over a broom) too! There should be a commitment made towards one another previous to sex because the act of sex is very overpowering. Once its' desire has been accomplished then the anxious need is gone, and so many times today, so is the fleeting commitment and the 'I'll love you forever' partner. It's sad but it's true. Focus on the Family has many helps for dealing with the results of promiscuity. (Live Free Series)

Anyway, here is a little bit from our time with Raegan. I cannot believe that she is already two! I guess I've been busy!

The video is kind of dark, but you can still see her cute pig tails and how she was dancing along! haha (My favorite is the first one.)


Marie VW said...

So stinkin cute!

Farrah said...

I absolutely agree with you on sexual sin. Marriage between a man and woman who love eachother FIRST! :-)

Faith said...

I totally agree with you on the homosexual sin. It is NOT what God intended when he made man and woman. I have friends who have "chosen" this lifestyle and they are so far from Christ. Yet we still do need to love THEM. (not the sin).
Your granddaughter is adorable!

Proud mommy of four said...

I sooo agree with you about the sexual sin. Well said!
How adorable your little grandaughter is!
Take care and God bless

Jettie said...

oohh how cute!!! Iam so glad you like'd your package!!!!

mrsjojo said...

Happy Birthday, RaeRae!! It's hard to believe that she is already two years old!! The video is adorable.

Constance said...

Snowy Girl is getting SOOO big! What a cutie pie!

You're right about the casualness of sex. Before I knew the Lord and I was messed up (more messed up than I am now-Ha Ha) I equated sex with love. I brought a lot of hurt on myself before I came to the Lord.