Saturday, March 24, 2007

Moose, Laws & Earplugs

I was looking at the activity lately on this blog and noticed a lot of hits coming from ADN (Anchorage Daily News). I back-tracked to the ADN site that these new readers were coming from and found a link to my blog there. That's cool. My video of Klinton on the ice track made it to their news site.

While browsing at the ADN site I saw their Moose Photo Contest that is still taking entries. If you have a great moose picture, you can enter and possibly win up to a $1,000.00 for your efforts. Submission deadline is May 4, 2007. Check it out all the details at the above link.

I have had tons of opportunities to get a good moose picture but I just need more umption in my gumption to get close enough for a good picture. My camera is not properly zoom-suited for a close up shot; if I did get a close up I would actually be ---close up! Yikes! .... Gramma got stomped-squashed by a moosie... crawling through the snow bank for that shot...

Big Lake News! Now that is a new one for me. I found it when browsing tonight. Lots of news that I didn't know about... including Link Fannon was voted out of the Houston City Council! Oh my goodness, he was the guy that was trying to help us get our road fixed!

UPDATE on our road: We actually had the Houston Road department run a grader back here pushing snow, once... maybe twice this past winter. I am wondering how the gravel that was dumped out there is going to hold up to our traffic once all this snow begins to melt.

Shoot, I think that we missed another exciting Houston City Council meeting.

Gee, I don't like reading about new laws and motor sports in the same article. Big Lake is supposed to be Alaska's playground, I hope it stays that way.

Who has been belly-aching about noise?

My family is newly into MX racing and it has become a big family thing for us. It is so much fun! Yep, the machines are loud when they race, but I've seen the kids and family enjoying it so much and I've seen it keeping families occupied - together! I think that is more important than trying to be so quiet. This world needs more families to be out doing stuff like this --- together.

I enjoy watching the kids that have been busy keeping their bikes maintained - loving the time out on the race track. Is way better to put up with occasional noise rather than drugs or activities that end up with too many kids in trouble with that side of the law.

So if you chose to live in the Valley where ATV's have been a big part of our lives --- wear earplugs if you have to occasionally! If you can't stand it, then go away!

Day 89.

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