Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Own Races

I thought I would share a small video I took of the snow track that is on 'The Lake' this winter. My family loves to get out the machines and race around it. Klint plowed it with his snow-plowing truck.

Usually they invite their co-workers and friends to bring their machines up and then they have races. I even have been in a Mom's race too. It's fun but it can be so cold; the big bonfire that usually is going though is nice! Lots of food and lots of fun!

Klinton is riding in this video.

Yesterday, the family played on the lake too. Lots of sunshine and no wind. Best time to be outside and everyone seems to be getting a lot of sun on the face. Looks good too!

According to Lance Mackey is in the lead right now and has 13 dogs still running for him. Martin Buser appears to be in #2 position and is down to 11 dogs. Gebhart has 10 dogs still running in # 3. Zack Steer has come in and left Shaktoolik with twelve dogs! I wonder what is going on with Jeff King? He is still in Shaktoolik. I was sorry to read that Gebhardt has been running even with flu symptoms. I bet the other racers kept away from him! It looks like Lance has had the least amount of rest at the last couple of check points.

Rookie Sigrid Ekran, the rookie with the broken nose and two shiners, has passed Aliy Zirkle in Kaltag and could possibly be the first rookie into Nome, long as everything goes well and Silvia Willis or Gerry Willomitzer, both also rookies, do not pass her!

The race is hot and heavy now with Mackey leading the way to Koyuk, a trail across frozen seawater--- scary to think about with all the mushers now being short on sleep! The trail is well-marked and can be crossed even in blowing snow, something that they all probably are seeing now in this area. Looks like Lance Mackey drove through Shaktoolik during the night (2:41 a.m.) with only a five minute stop. Buser and Gebhardt left Shaktoolik shortly after 6 a.m. today after 2 hours and 31 minutess rest for Buser and 3 hours and 37 minutes for Gebhardt. Zack Steer got to Shaktoolik about 7 a.m. and stayed six minutes before leaving. From it appears that Jeff King has not moved yet.

Cabela's updates seem to be coming slow so I have been visiting for the latest and fastest updates.

Day 76

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Constance said...

That looks like SO much fun! It's hard to believe that it's that cold up there still! We're in shorts already down here! Laura Lou, my youngest daughter is headed to San Antonio and then the beach down at Corpus Christi this Friday for Spring Break. She's packing her swimsuit!