Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Howling Time!

Once again it's time for the Iditarod and once again the Restart is moved. Not enough snow cover? I don't know (maybe it all blew away) but the mushers will be leaving from Willow on Saturday, March 3,2007. Right now the wind is howling and it's so cold that I don't think the dogs will be out howling tonight. I would not want to go on a trail ride right now---even if I was a lead dog.

I saw several dog mushers on Channel 13 (I think) and they all looked pretty happy and excited just like their dogs! I'm pretty sure all the dog food and supplies have been put out along the trail already and all involved are getting anxious to get the sleds on the trail!

I was knitting in the truck during the Tesoro Iron Dog race and lifted my head and looked out the window of the truck when I noticed a nice looking man with a great smile going by. Oh my goodness! That is Buser! I threw down my knitting, grabbed my camera and waved to Doug to get off of the snow berm and come over to take a picture of us. Then I hurried out, stopped Martin and asked for a picture and I must say, I look a happy mess! That is what knitting does to you! ha!

"One of the competitors with one of the fastest athletes this year is Martin Buser, one of the three four-time champions in this year's race. Buser's track record in races so far this winter has shown his dogs have not only speed but stamina. He won the Kuskokwim 300 and his son, Rohn, 17, finished fourth. With 28 dogs between those teams, Buser obviously has plenty to choose from when it comes to the 16 dogs that start out from Willow Sunday afternoon. Cabela's Iditarod."

Rohn Buser also won the Junior Iditarod, about 120 mile race in sub-zero temps. Well the love of mushing has passed from parent to child in this dog mushing world as you can see from the story about Rohn Buser's win. Read more here.

I will be hoping Buser does better this year than he did last, and I hope he does not bust his sled up along the way! I have heard rumors that the trail is not very good. May God keep all of the Musher's, volunteers and officials safe. Oh! and the dogs too!

Day 65


Constance said...

Has it been a year already since Iditarod 2006?! After reading your post on the Iron Dog race a short time ago, I checked Martin's website which is marked on my favorites, (Happy Trails Kennals). He seems like a VERY nice man, I loved the article where he helped that one lady deal with her fear of dogs. I'll have to check daily to see the standings. Is that one young lady, Rachel, who is legally blind, competing again this year? I have always wanted to ride on a dog sled! Dave & I decided for our 25th Anniversary in 2011, we're coming to Alaska and we are going to try it! That and a LOT of other things!

Constance said...

I just saw that Martin Buser is #19 in this years line up.

david santos said...

This work is very good, thank you

Angie M. said...

Martin Buser has always been one of my favorites, along with sentimental favorite DeeDee Jonrowe. I've always loved the Iditarod, even back to when I used to volunteer for it. I can remember even in elementary school one year we made booties for all of the dogs.

The trail indeed is in bad condition. But they are still expecting yet another record breaking year.

Christian said...

He is really cool. Even though I have never met him, he seems to be a genuinely nice man!