Monday, February 02, 2009

Marriage Mondays - The Surprise of Christian Marriage

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It's been many moons since I've participated at Marriage Monday's. The topic this month reminded me of my own big surprise when Doug and I were first married. It is not geared only to a "Christian" marriage though, it's just something that --- surprised me!

It's about the first night we slept together - I was woke up all night from the bed shaking! It's not what you probably are thinking right now! Well, it was not non-existent, but then too it was not the reason! The reason? My new husband has been blessed with an incredible heart and when it beat that night (and ever since) - it shook the bed!

His big, strong heart was the reason that the first few weeks of our marriage I had wild dreams! I remember lying there listening to him sleeping, shaking, and wondering if I would ever be able to sleep ever again! My wild dreams were the result of being kept half awake all night!

Not anymore. I sleep like a baby - well no, I'm not up all night anymore! :-)

Don't you think we kind of smile the same? ha


Donetta said...

You two are beautiful! a heart to beat so wildly.

bp said...

I enjoyed reading about your surprise! THanks for sharing! God belss you.

Faith said...

Aw,,,,this made me chuckle. My husband's snoring is what surprised ME in regards to sleeping...good grief...and THAT i cannot sleep in usually. oh well, I can't sleep when he's NOT in bed with me either so...go figure. Thanks for your comments on my marriage post. Love ya and oh, you two look great together here!!

Lynn said...


Just absolutely a delightful post. I smiled all the way through. I think there are so many little things like learning to sleep in the same bed that surprise all of us.

Hig that Big Guy for me and yes, you smile alike.

I adore you. Thank you for joining in with the gang from Marriage Monday. Hugs, Lynn

e-Mom said...

Lol, what a great story. It's comforting to know your man has a good, strong heart!

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, Connie Marie. :~D

Constance said...

Has he ever read, "Wild At Heart" by John Eldredge? I love the maturity of our love as it grows older. I remember the whole giddiness stuff when we were dating and never wanting things to ever change. What we have grown into is more precious than words can describe.

I have been computer-less for a couple of days but now I am back!

And yes, I DO see the similarity in your smiles!

Jettie said...

OOHh for cute!!!! my hubby snores like a train...and you know what? I can't do with out it!! What a beautiful picture!!