Monday, December 15, 2008

Nativity Around The World

A troubled woman in Germany left her newborn baby boy in a Nativity manger and hoped that someone would find him there. Now the church is taking donations to help her take care of her baby. KTUU

I surfed the internet for Web Cams of the Nativity scene but I have been finding story after story of disgruntled fighting to prevent people from even using the Nativity scene publicly. The spiritual war becomes more evident to me during Christmas with the stories of those that don't/won't realize why they become so ready to fight Christmas, the Nativity scene, and other Christian celebrations.

Baby Jesus Stolen at the Cheviot Nativity. :-(
Nativity scene in Grossarl, Salzburg. :-)
Graceland Nativity Web Cam. USA. :-)
Cow Fled Nativity Scene - Norway. :-D
A Knit Nativity. Tasmania. :-)
"Presepe" Creators - Nativity Makers, Italy. :-)
Nativity Show (video)- Missoula, USA. :-)
350 Nativity Collection - Echo Bay, Canada. :-)

Wasilla Bible Church, the building, was damaged due to what is alleged to be arson. It was damaged enough that we cannot meet there for services until it is fixed. Pictures at ADN.COM. We met at Wasilla Middle School on Sunday instead. This fire cemented in my heart the truth that God's church is not found in buildings, but it is found in the hearts of those who know, love, and worship His Son, Jesus Christ.

My daughter was the first to call me about our church building. I could hear that she and her children were troubled. I reminded her that God's church is still intact. The building that we worship TOGETHER in was damaged but the Church wasn't! It lives on where ever we all may be, here and after this life.

The world may take away all that remind us of that story long ago --- God sent His Son. They can take all the tangible things away, but what will remain? Continuing faith in God --- in our hearts. They can even place their words beside the scene, but God will continue to brings honest and sincere seekers to Himself, regardless.

Our Pastor had a very good admonition to us on Sunday and his sermon is online now. He spoke on I Corinthians 13:13. After the Fire: faith, hope and love.

"And now abides faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

Just as we can't see Sleeping Lady during a heavy snowstorm, that does not mean that Sleeping Lady is not there. Someday everyone will see spiritual things as they really are! Everyone will realize that the Babe in the manger long ago was the triumphant Messiah that the Jews looked for! But He came first, as a Babe, then He will come again - soon - as the triumphant King of kings and LORD of lords that they mistakenly thought would be His first coming! He came first to become the Savior and not only of the Jews, but also the Gentiles ---- that's me!

I am so thankful that He loved not only the Jews... but that He loved me too! I was born in the wrong place, but it was not my choice to be born there, but if He came only to be the Messiah for the Jews, I would have been an outcast. But He didn't forget me! He compelled me ---and YOU too, to become one of His own!

In a way, I was like the little baby left in the manger in Germany. I was helpless and could not save myself. Until Christ found a Way for me to be right with God I could not celebrate Christmas with Joy unspeakable and Peace in my heart.

Christmas will continue to be a time when my heart praises God for including me in His salvation plan. I am forever thankful that God sent His Son, as a Baby long ago. The World with all it's righteously-indignant organizations may take/forbid the Nativity in public view but Jesus story still rings in my heart, and His living Church forever.


Faith said...

WOW...this was a great post Connie Marie.
It is disgusting that our world want to take Jesus out of everything...but...GOD WINS IN THE END! THanks for visiting me today...yes we are proud of Claire but kinda glad we have 4 weeks off before working on the next musical!

Constance said...

Dear BBF
I was SO saddened to hear about your church! I remembered immediately that you and your family fellowship there. If it isn't, they should make burning churches a hate crime. (I guess that doesn't sound very forgiving and Christian, does it?) Instead, I will pray that whomever is responsible for this that God will come into their lives as a result of this fire. It's obvious they are in desperate need of a Savior. In the meanwhile, know that you are being lifted before the Father and that the true Church is more than bricks, mortar and wiring!

I meditated a couple of years ago on why Chritianity and specifically the name JESUS just sends some people into a rabid frenzy. God revealed to me through the Holy Spirit that every other organized religion was works related and what a person could do to go to heaven. The thing that offends people is their PRIDE. They want to have a hand in their salvation rather than submitting, confessing and trusting in JESUS. I have come to believe that PRIDE is actually the root of all the sins that I can personally think of.

One day every knee will bow and proclaim, Jesus is Lord!


e-Mom said...

I saw a brief headline about a fire at "Sarah Palin's church" and I thought of you, Connie Marie. Your attitude is amazing. Praise God for positive Christians like you in these dark times.

Bless YOU!


Dear Connie Marie, this was such a wonderful post, I am going to get my husband to read it also. It really touched my heart and it is so true. People hate the Lord Jesus whether a babe in a manger or a man on a cross. They hate God it seems and want to do away with anything that pertains to Him.

I am so sorry about your church building but you are right. The church is the people it is in their hearts that the Spirit lives.

Such hate fill the souls of some but God will provide and He will use this to be a witness to many.

We are praying for you and your church friends. May God bless you in a very special way during this time. Merry Christmas, connie Marie and to your family. connie

SandiLynnHill said...

We heard about the church on the news...but thank God we know where true worship rises from..WE ARE THE CHURCH not the building...True Worship is giving THANKS to the Lord from our hearts...AWESOME