Monday, December 01, 2008

Moto & Moose

Moto came home from the vet in the evening and he whimpered, awwwww. He is just a baby dog. Now he is pretty much back to himself but is still wearing the cone if he is alone. He tried probably the first day to investigate the incision area, but when I said no he obeyed! :-)

Now he looks pretty healed up and is doing very well. Thanks for asking to those that did. Noticed the """orbs""" in the picture? I did!

Now here is a moose video I just made. We saw this guy this past week. Since he is a legal bull the guys wondered how he made it through the hunting season so close to people! I think it just was not his time to be all 'burgered up'!


e-Mom said...

Go Moto! So happy he's doing well. :~D

Hmmm, space aliens? Gotta love those "orbs."

How's your Mom doing? Hugs to you my friend.

Constance said...

Gosh! He was gorgeous! What a rack! It IS rather amazing he made it through the hunting season! Our menfolk were just out shooting targets however it was still deer season back in Missouri. I doubt that bright orange could be mistaken for nature!

Glad Moto is pretty much bact to norm!


PS Got your tree up yet?

Faith said...

Yeah for Moto.

I just left you a comment after yours regarding the Rock....HAHA...thanks for visiting.

mrsjojo said...

WOW! What a sight. I am always amazed at the size of moose. Thanks for sharing the video of this magnificient creature.

Jettie said...

Good video!! love those Alaskan Moose!! and glad doggie is doing good!! I did notice those Orbs!!