Friday, December 19, 2008

Just About Merry Christmas!

Like sand through an hourglass.... Christmas shopping days are almost over!

...Then we will feel like we need to shop for all the great-after-Christmas-deals. If I was smart as some... I would do next years Christmas shopping after Christmas! But... I won't.

Yesterday Doug and I went to the Christmas dinner/get-together for Doug's work group at O'Malley's On The Green in their banquet facilities. We had so much good food! We don't normally eat so richly. Since I am feeling really tired today and my bones ache more than usual, I am blaming the diet. Too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt ---- but boy was the food YUMMIE! From crab cakes to prime rib roast beef and rich, black chocolate cake to an extremely good key lime pie with blueberries, who could resist? Had to try everything. I did eat my fresh veggies though, so I was not all bad!

It was fun getting to see the people that Doug works with everyday. I enjoyed watching him interact with each one. We are not the social butterflies though, so we didn't flit from table to table like others do, but we still enjoyed the evening.

Then as we were finishing up the evening together Doug's boss tells us, I will okay a hotel room if you two would rather spend the night than drive all the way home. Wow! We did it. We stayed at Residence Inn! We got up today and went out to do some Christmas shopping. First I had to get shopping shoes because the ones I wore to the dinner were not meant for walking and walking! OUCHIE!

In two more days, we will be thankful for the shortest daylight day of the year --- then we approach the daylight gains to glorious SPRINGTIME! One of my favorite days of the year!

Just about Merry Christmas to all!


e-Mom said...

You certainly ate like royalty! What a fabulous feast. :~D

In two more days, we will be thankful for the shortest daylight day of the year --- then we approach the daylight gains to glorious SPRINGTIME! One of my favorite days of the year! Yes, I can hardly wait until the days start getting longer again.

Merry (almost) Christmas to you!

Constance said...

This is "SOME" friend of yours, stopping in to say Merry Christmas! It is true, I enjoy going out on the 26th early and seeing what goodies I can put away for the next year. Last year, Laura bought ALL of her Christmas presents for 2008 except for her 5 cousins and Charles. She did it all and only spent $100! We stop and have breakfast together, usually at Panera's Bakery (love their spinach, artichoke mini quiche in puff pastry!) to sustain us. We're usually back home and done before noon!

I went to Dave's Christams party 2 weeks ago solo since he was in Denver for a former boss' retirement party. I enjoyed a very yummy dinner but I miss the old days of dinner and then going to see the Nutcracker Ballet. Sigh.

One year they had the Christmas Party down at the Ft Worth Stockyards at "Billy Bob's" and another at the "White Elephant Saloon". They had rooms for anyone who was to drunk to drive home. I thought, in theory, what a good idea but in reality how sad. They ahd turned our Savior's Birthday into just another reason to get drunk! If they ever go back to that, I will probably take a pass.


Faith said...

YUMMY....your feast sounds so good!!
I also tend to eat and eat during the holidays but....then I get right back into my routine of salads for lunch and my power walking in the afternoons! I sure am looking forward to more daylight though...I don't really like walking in the dark! We joke that our Claire was born on the longest nite of the year....and boy did labor sure seem long! She was born at 4:22 a.m. on 12/21...a whole week early..she is our Winter Solstice baby! Enjoy the weekend....

Proud mommy of four said...

That food sounds wonderful. It is a special occasion so a little splurge will not hurt. I am glad that you had a wonderful time. I hope that you have a wonderful Christ filled Christmas!
God bless


I would say you were a very good girl. If you made a place for vegetables you were good,

I am glad you all had so much fun and even got to stay over what a great blessing. Have a great Christmas, Connie Marie. connie

mrsjojo said...

Merry Christmas Connie and family!

I'm like you on the shopping after Christmas for the next year--sounds wonderful but I won't do it. :)

Your dinner sounds fabulous! Every Friday when we drive up from the peninsula I see activity at the O'Malley's on the Green and it looks beautiful on the inside.
My sister, Lillian made a delicious prime rib dinner on Friday evening for the family. She included roasted duck which was sooo good also. Home made ice cream topped off the wonderful dinner!
I had to laugh about the shoes. Those were going to dinner shoes and not shopping shoes. But, what a nice surprise to be able to stay in town to shop. I just went shopping for shopping shoes b/c none of the shoes I now own don't do good for shopping. I was fortunate to find TWO pairs for shopping and told my sister. She mentioned that all of her shoes were shopping shoes. I had a good laugh b/c it is so true of her.

SandiLynnHill said...

Ahhh...key lime pie..and other mouth watering goodies. I so enjoyed this tid bit of your life. I would also love to shop after Christmas specials...too bad I have to work! Maybe on my lunch break I can catach a "TARGET" special.