Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Chance!

I bought RaeRae this cute skirt while I was in Hawaii. Her Mom was still changing her outfit when I asked RaeRae to say "CHEESE." She didn't. Instead, she quickly ran to the rocking chair, climbed up, turned around and then gave me her CHEESIEST smile!

Many times in our families or with our friends we wish some words never were said. Our selfish actions or reactions make us fear our good relationship is totally bombed to smittereens. Thankfully time has a way of healing those unhappy words, quarrels, and strife.

Jesus shed His blood in order to clean my sorry heart from all sin. I'm thankful for that because many times, daily, I must repent for inserting my own will in how things should be. Hearts are God's work. His will is done on Earth. Prayer is my work.

Thankfully, family blood is binding! Family is family! Daugher will always be a daughter, son will always be son, brother is always brother, sister is always sister, Mom and Dad will always be Mom and Dad. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, great.... great.... and on and on. We must forgive to make life what we want it to be - peaceful.

Thank God for blood, hah?

"I think I just said, 'Thank you Lord' ... for us to have another chance!" said the child's father.

These thoughts were brought on by the wonderful story I read today. Puppies save three-year-old boy lost in freezing Virginia woods.

I can understand what Jaylynn Thorpe's Dad meant when he said that. Many times, as a Mom, I felt like "uh-oh" I should have kept my mouth shut. It was always when I took my eyes/mind off of my ever-loving Jesus, and my worried heart became overwhelmed with questionable situations then I spoke when I should have quietly prayed.

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit's work. He knows so much more than I how to touch hearts and lives. I know there are times we do need to speak to those that call themselves Christian's about their actions, but most of the time prayer is the best way to deal with those situations.

As word went out that the child was alive and well, family members cheered and cried for joy. "Praise the Lord! Welcome home, Jaylynn!"

I am happy for the joyful end to Jaylynn's adventure! Merry Christmas to the Thorpe's in Virginia!


Faith said...

This blessed my heart tonite!

Constance said...

How sweet that story was! It is rare anymore to read those feel-good stories, it seems that most times it's so negative and depressing!

I loved "Snowy Girl's" outfit, especially the pink boots! We got our Kit-Kat a pair when she was that same age (for her 2nd birthday)! I mean, who better to buy her her first pair of cowboy boots than Gigi & Grampy who live in Texas!


mrsjojo said...

Your precious little RaeRae is "styling" with that darling skirt and the "WOW" boots!!! I also like the afghan that goes so well with her outfit. :)


She is so precious, Connie Marie, we are so blest. It is the sweetest smile ever and it goes well with the pretty skirt. connie from Texas

e-Mom said...

RaeRae is a doll! C'est Cheese! Hugs. :~D

DeLong House said...

Hahaha! what a funny girl!! Posin' for her Gramma! So cute