Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Marriage Monday - Recreational Companionship

1st Monday Every Month at Chrysalis e-Mom is hosting Marriage Monday's once again and I did get time to create this video to share with everyone. I have been busy and playing with my Handycam videos has been hard to get to lately.

My husband and I love to go out for rides on our ATV. It's a Polaris Sportsman and I get to have my very own queen chair! It is pretty comfortable. Sometimes the whole family will be able to do an outing together and that is very fun. It ends up being a picnic and all the grand kids get to come and we love that so much as a couple.

So here is the video of us doing something that we both love. Doug loves the machine part of it all, and I love the beauty of outdoors. He is getting to appreciate that also more and more as we spend time together.

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Connie Marie, is there still snow on the ground where you live or was the video taken when there was? Great video. The scenery is beautiful. Does the machine go in the water as well as on the ground?

Boy, I am just full of questions. It is because your lifestyle is so different from mine and I see how you love it and your family and it makes me glad. connie from Texas

e-Mom said...

Loved every.single.minute of this video! A queen chair, eh? NEAT. (Cute shot of the dog at the end.)

Well, that's about the farthest thing from anything we've ever tried (and we've backpacked and hiked a lot). You're blessed to live in such beautiful country! Were you driving up a steam at one point? You two look so happy! Doug is blessed to have a willing companion like you.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, Connie Marie. SO glad you made the time. :~D

Connie Marie said...

Connie M. - It's a four-wheeler and we can go most anywhere with it. It won't float so we can't go in deep, deep water. The resolution was way down after YouTube processed the video that I uploaded so so much detail was taken out of the scenery pictures :-( The low resolution makes the sandy ground look like snow too, so no, we don't have snow on the ground right now.

e-Mom, I had some quiet time today so I was happy for the time to play with creating this video. (I just wished the resolution was higher.) What looked like steam was the very fine and silty dust of Jim Creek.

Thanks for visiting!

Faith said...

THis was neat to watch!
Looks kinda fun but I think my hubby and I will stick to kayaking!

Marie said...

What a cool video!! And I really like the song too. Was this when you guys went up towards Healy? Looked like a really cool trail you were on. And that picture of Chewy at the end was so cute. Good job mom.

Connie Marie said...

Yeah, it was from that day, when we stopped along the hwy it WAS a sunny spot.