Monday, June 02, 2008

Marriage Mondays - Our Wedding Day

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It's Marriage Monday once again with e-Mom. I am glad that I am able to share a little about Doug and my big day.

I was never particular about things like this back in the day. I actually found it to be a bore to plan this wedding ceremony. My only love was to be with Doug. I cared not for the way the ceremony looked but my only concern was that I would be able to go home with Doug at the end of the day! How pathetic is that?

We got married on September 21st, 1973 along with Doug's brother Mark and his beautiful wife Karen. Karen and I went to school together and I always considered her to be my very best friend. I still value a special relationship with her. I was fortunate to be able to share my big day with her by having a double wedding.

There is not much I remember of our day and when I asked Doug what he remembered about our wedding day he said, "We got married?" We were married in the fall so our flowers were vibrant yellows and oranges. One thing I loved about my bouquet was it had an ivy plant which I planted and had in my home for years until my sweet brother-in-law David house sat for us and let it freeze! Our whole house froze when the heat went off (for reasons I don't know) while he was not there.

I have searched high and low for our wedding photographs, they are here somewhere! I did find one picture that was separated from the rest and was on my way to photograph it and set it down to welcome my daughter and her children over for the evening (they are out fishing now) and then I could not find it! BUT I did find these pictures of Karen and my bridal shower. A fun toilet paper wedding dress gown competition! I think my gown won, but maybe it was just that the ladies that decorated me were the loudest!

Being that Karen and I went to a boarding school we had the fun of having many Christian ladies attend our shower. In one of the pictures you will see my Mom. She looks so young!

One story from my engagement. Dad and Mom had just endured my sister Millie and Adam's wedding and after the cooking, the ceremony, the cleaning was done that day Dad announced, "There will be no more weddings for two years!" He held up his two fingers and specifically showed them to me. That was in June that year, and in September - we got married! In November my brother got married and in January my oldest brother got married! (hehehe) Poor Daddy.

A story from our wedding day. Every wedding has something go wrong in it and in ours one of Doug's brothers fainted and Doug's quick Dad jumped up from the pew and saved him from an awful fall. With two weddings going on the ceremony was L-O-N-G! Marrying Doug was one of the best chapters of my life!

I see that e-Mom is having a free Marriage Monday next time, maybe by then I will have found my pictures and can share them then.


Tammy said...

I loved reading about your special double wedding! And by the pictures, the shower looks like it was so fun!
You look adorable! :D

Wow, good thing your father in law was quick and caught that brother as he went down!

Your announcements were so beautiful!
And you had the right attitude about getting married...the marriage is much more important than the actual wedding, so you had your priorities right!

Thanks for visiting my story, too...So good to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love your dad saying "No more weddings" and then having 3 more!! What a busy year that must have been.

I was a lot like you, not caring about all of the crazy details of the wedding. I just wanted my man at the end of the day. Nothing wrong with that!!

e-Mom said...

Sooooo fun, Connie Marie. You have such a sweet expression on your face.

I the toilet paper wedding dress competition at your shower. I've never heard of that!

You're the first person I know to have a double wedding. I see it went quite well. But your poor father. All those weddings in one year can be expensive!

Yes, if you find your photos, please post them. We'd love to see more.

Thanks for taking the time to join us for Marriage Monday today, Connie Marie. :~D

P.S. Your link is a bit wonky, so I'll fix it for you later this evening, OK?

Connie Marie said...

lol e-Mom, my link is ALWAYS wonky! so funny. Thanks for fixing it for me. HUGs

Cheryl said...

You look very pretty in your paper dress! I have never heard of that but it looks like so much fun. Really. I enjoyed reading your memories. Thanks. God Bless~

mrsjojo said...

Hey, I like the train on your dress!! I didn't realize that you had a double wedding-cool! May God continue to bless you and your groom, and your family (the result of your union).

Constance said...

Hey there my "wonky" BBF! Oh your link is wonky and not you! Tee-Hee!

I'm glad you posted those pictures! I've heard of the TP dress but have never been to a shower where they have actually done it!

Do you think I could convince Laura to find someone to double wedding with? Planning hers (for this November) might be cheaper if we could "gang up" on someone else! Ha Ha!

I loved your invitations, so feminine and romantic looking. I think Dave and I when we got married spent very little. I think when it was all said and done we came out $100 ahead! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit!


MacCárthaigh Family said...

I really like your post, the story about your dad, the t-paper (new to me!) and I like the photos.
Thanks for the visit to my blog. This is good fun isn't it?!
God bless,

dakotablueeyes said...

oh cool a double wedding. Nice and same anni as mine.

Shari said...

Oh wow, a double wedding. I've never seen one of those before. That must have been neat to get married at the same time as your best friend. I like the picture of the toilet paper dress. That's the best one that I've ever seen.

Jettie said...

OOHh for neat!! you are the first person I know who had a double wedding!! i understand how you felt I too We too just wanted to be married!My husbands brother married us the day before thanksgiving!! Ten years this year!! Love your photos!!


That was great Connie Marie. I remember I didn't care about anything either except getting married to Jim and be with him forever. I still feel the same way as I know that you do. Beautiful pictures. Thank for sharing your memories. connie from Texas

Proud mommy of four said...

Thanks for shring your wonderful story. I just love the photo's! Your dress is so pretty.
You take care and God bless

Farrah said...

What a great post! I love the part about your dad's rule that got broken. LOL!

You look lovely in your tp dress, but I hope we get to see the real thing! I really like your invitation. It reminds me of the art my mom did and had around the house when I was little. That style must have been very "in" at that time.