Sunday, May 04, 2008

Marriage Mondays -The Crazy Way We Met

1st Monday Every Month at ChrysalisGet this badge and join the fun! Share your story about how you met your spouse. It's the topic with Marriage Monday this week with e-Mom. I decided to make a story out of it complete with alibis to protect the less than lovely. ha It's written for fun and I hope you find the story enjoyable. It is our - I mean - Abigail and Leopold's romance story.
The Crazy Way We Met

Once upon a time in a frozen remote part of Alaska (not so very frozen as the rest of Alaska) a short, dark-haired, shy, near-sighted, teen-aged girl dreamed of one day becoming a big kid that went away to school.

She was not beautiful, but she was not ugly. She was not rich, but she was not poor. She was not a 4.0 student, but she was not a flunky. She was one of many siblings who were in so many ways, just like herself - short, dark-haired, shy and needing glasses.

To protect her identity and those in the story all names have been changed. I've named her ...Abigail. Why Abigail? No special reason only that I think it's a pretty name and it begins with the first two letters of the alphabet.

The day finally arrived for Abigail to graduate from elementary school and visions of going away to high school now danced in her little head. Thinking of traveling away from home didn't bother her. It definitely didn't now because she wanted to be a big kid and that meant flying away from home in one of Kodiak Airways Goose or Widgeon amphibian planes.

After graduating, Abigail endured a winter-long (but blessed with salvation) wait before finally getting out of the nest and into a plane, winging her way to the school life she had anticipated for many years. She was happily on her way to the school of which she had spent countless hours reading about in old yearbooks. She knew the campus and she knew each student and staff member. On campus she recognized each face and realized she didn't need any introductions.

Still, her older sister who I will call ...Jane, why? Because Jane seems such a pretty name for a plainly good and kind sister, she introduced her "little sister" to them anyway.

Abigail's sister Jane was excited to see all her friends that fall. She brought her little sister from friend to friend always announcing, "Hi, this is my little sister ...Abigail." Shyly she moved to interrupt a group of guys, one of them was her classmate Leopold. "Come Sis, I'll introduce you to ... Mr. and Mrs. Charming's oldest son ...Leopold?" Why Leopold? The name means 'prince of mankind'. (Prince Charming, eh?)

Thus, Abigail began her life away from home, still always the "little sister". Abigail didn't really mind though. She liked following her "big sister" around on campus. She grew a sense of pride that she, Abigail, was related to Jane - every upper classman's friend!

It was not even a week of being away from home when Abigail felt a growing sickness in her tummy. She had never felt this way before. The newness of the place had grown routine and she sadly realized that it was a long time until spring. She was awful homesick.

Abigail settled into life away from home a little bit disillusioned with adulthood. After all, this was just more school and now instead of one teacher to make happy, she had many!

Day after day of schooling melted into weeks and months. Besides all the new girlfriends in her life now Abigail's friendships with guys grew and waned and grew and waned until Abigail found herself spending way too much time with ...Norman. Why Norman? Because of a cliche frequently used in high school back in the day.

Norman talked to Abigail like her opinion and life mattered to him. He spent every spare moment trying to prove it. Soon they were "going steady."

Meanwhile, Leopold had found himself spending much of his time with the attractive, talkative, and very popular ...Zelda from his class. Why Zelda? Because she was nothing like Abigail and Z is the furthest letter from A. Zelda had intimidated Abigail long before Abigail found herself in competition for this tall, dark and handsome Leopold. How did Abigail and the Zelda-struck Leopold end up together? Well, it was all ...because of Norman ...and Zelda.

When the holidays came around, Norman, Zelda, and a busload of lucky students left the boarding school to spend time with their families in another town, some even flew home. Those without family or money to travel away spent their holiday time on campus doing boring campus-y type things.

While away from the very strict boarding school, Norman and Zelda agreed to meet. According to small school gossip, they went on a date and their date included... KISSING! After returning to campus Norman pleaded his case with the disenchanted Abigail saying of his romantic indiscretion: "It (kiss) really didn't mean anything to me!" and "She doesn't even mean a thing to me!"

Leopold was also feeling the sting of a relationship gone awry and sweet, little, slighted Abigail fell right smack dab into the middle of a jealous game being played by the ever wonderful Leopold! As she sat listening while Norman continued to talk over his predicament, Leopold walked past the doorway and when Abigail looked up - the mighty handsome, upper-classman, Leopold ---WINKED!

Stunned silence before Abigail smiled and chuckled at what she had just seen. (Or did she really see what she thought she just saw?) As she wondered Leopold walked past again and winked again! This angered Norman, but it did make the break up much easier for Abigail.

Quick glances with lingering smiles filled the rest of Abigail's second semester and Abigail knew that there definitely was interest being returned from Leopold for the much younger (ah-hem) Abigail.

The last quarter came to a quick end and Abigail who had long ago lost all of her homesickness was now sad to be saying good-bye to her school friends. Suitcases were filled and everyone bussed to the airport to meet the flights that would take them home to their families and villages.

Leopold's family lived on campus so he showed up at the airport the same day Abigail was leaving to say his good-byes, especially to Zelda. Leopold had continued to hope for Zelda's companionship ever since the hush-hush meeting between she and Norman had successfully quelled both campus romances.

At the small airport Leopold saw Abigail walking down a corridor with a happy new potential suitor - Richard. Why Richard? It seems a very good and even kingly name to give to a poor guy that Abigail didn't treat very kindly that day. Richard was happily talking and carrying Abigail's luggage around when Leopold walked up and began to visit with her. Abigail was so enjoying this undivided attention from the handsome upper class men that she forgot about Richard.

Walking and talking as if they were totally alone they soon noticed a very huffy Richard walking off after disgustedly setting down Abigail's luggage behind them. Abigail is not normally this fickle-style person but that day her head was definitely in the clouds. Today, while reminiscing over the years she apologizes for her rude, selfish behavior. That day didn't end without Leopold asking if he could write to Abigail during the summer.

Summertime happened and sure enough the letters began to come. Abigail replied to every one. Abigail remembers that Leopold even shared his broken heart. And she even gave suggestions of how one spurned heart could possibly win back the heart of Zelda. As time went on, Leopold's and Abigail's friendship began to blossom into a full blown romance including secret hand-holding at the strict Christian boarding school! Two-and-a-half years after high school they were married.

Happily for both, Leopold had come to his senses and decided that he didn't want to revive his relationship with Zelda. Leopold has been heard saying things like "You're the best blessing in my life ---after Jesus Christ." "I would not trade you for a hundred (or was it a thousand) ... Zelda's." "I'm so glad we have each other." And when Abigail smiles sweetly and says, "I love you," he says "I love you more," she says, I love you more than that," and he says ..."I love you one more than anything you will ever say."

Abigail and Leopold continue working to live happily ever after...


Constance said...

Because of you, I decided to participate in Marriage Monday today. My entry is posted.

First of all, I wanted to comment on your inferring that you are somehow ordinary. I guess I don't see it that way. I love your features and I think you are pretty. So there! That's what a BBF is supposed to say right? I say it and I mean it!

I love your story! I love how we look back and see how God has orchestrated everything. In an orchestra, each performer has his own part and by itself it sounds "ordinary". But when the Maestro brings it all together it is ...perfection!

Your story is unique as well. How many of us could even relate to going away like that for your education? How hard that must've been on your folks, to let you go.

I look back on the "story of us", yours and mine and give thanks to God for giving us such a gift in our husbands but also the endurance to stick out the tough times. Our lives, our marriages are richer and stronger for growing through those seasons and staying committed.

Here's to God for thinking up marriage!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I love the fair Abigail and Charming Leopold's Story! Thanks for sharing! I love how God works his wonders!

Lori said...

How neat! Your approach to telling your story is very different but I sure enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

What a great story, I love the way you told it.

Marriage isn't easy, but if we work at it in God's grace it will be beautiful, your story shows that, thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Wow, this fariy tale was great, and had such a wonderful ending, but no surprise to me!

Thanks for sharing your NOT SO ORDINARY love story with us!

Blessings to you♥

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That was a great fairy tale and it is REAL! I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

awwww that is so sweet!
thanks for sharing it! :)

Sheila said...

I love your story and the intriguing way you shared it! May Leopold and Abigail (the name I always wanted to name a girl if I had one, BTW) continue to grow in redemptive love which far out allures compared to romantic love and much farther endures!


Jettie said...

OOHh I so love you story!!!!! And I love how you wrote it!!!! Isn't Love wondeful!! And with God right there!!

Faith said...

I LOVE how you told your story....awesome!
Isn't God great?
and great names by the way!
bless you both...

Peculiar said...

Like all the other commenters, I love the way your creative story was told. This meme is so much fun and is so precious. Celebrating marriage in various ways, like e-mom does with her themes people can write about, is so refreshing and...necessary as far as I'm concerned. Your story is a breath of fresh air, except thinking of Alaska gives me the chills!!

Melly said...

I felt like I was reading a fairy tale. I love the way that you shared your story.

It was wonderful.

jennifer said...

What a fabulous, creative way to tell your love story! I just loved this, and it's refreshing to be reminded once again of God's hand in our lives and how He lovingly guides us through the often turbulent times of young love.

Marie VW said...

"because of Norman"... haha.

Choosing the name Jane was pretty clever too.

You are so creative mom. This would make a good story to publish with your own little illustrations. Then put it in the shelf with all our other books for the grandkids to read.

Ya! We should do that with family stories, names changed to protect identities first, of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear! This was a lot of fun. You two seem so perfectly matched, and I know your husband loves you dearly.

What a tale of intrigue! Gosh, there really were a lot of boys (from A-Z) that moved in and out of our lives during our school years.

Thanks for participating in Marriage Monday, Connie Marie.

Roo said...

I LOVE the way you write! What a beautiful story!

Andrea said...

What a fantastic story! I am so happy that our wonderful God brought you and your husband together!

I too love your writing style. Your post was a pleasure to read. I'll definitely be back to visit!

Anonymous said...

You are such a creative writer - I really enjoyed your post. It actually took me "away" - away from the day to day stresses - and was quite possibly the most relaxing part of my entire day! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

MiPa said...

What an amazing post! Thank you for sharing.

dakotablueeyes said...

I love this story thank you for sharing

e-Mom said...

Just wanted to stop by again and blow you a kiss ("x") and say a special thank you for visiting so many of the MM contributors yesterday.

Everywhere I went... there you were ahead of me! You're a special lady, Connie Marie.

Hugs, e-Mom :~D

Connie Marie said...

Thank YOU e-Mom for the great idea for this months meme (I always called it a me-me, I learned from you it's a MEEM!)

Thank you to every person that came by my blog and left comments too. It's so fun to hear from you.

Tami Boesiger said...

I feel like I've not only heard your story, but had color commentary along the way! Congrats to Abigail and Leopold.

Lady Vankovic said...

Hey connie.. Thanks for the prayers... I rather have a cup of coffee with you too :( just sit by the fire and talk about beads and family and fun... dont know why all my best friends r online buddies..
Great story connie... I wanna join in the marriage monday too but not married and 2. my friends dont know im in a relationship... hahahah... I hope we can keep in touch more frequently

Faithful Froggers said...

I'm a little late in reading all of the MM posts, but I had to say that I just loved your story and the beautiful way you told it! So glad that it ended so happily ever after! :)

Have a great week!

elizabeth embracing life said...

I feel as if I just finished an award winning short love story. Thanks so much for sharing. BTWay I have to agree with the first comment. You are beyond ordinary. I don't even know you in real time and I love reading your blog. You may not have been 4.0 in school, but your writing is now. I am learning so much through you. Thanks.