Monday, March 31, 2008

Watching Gardening

I enjoyed visiting Carolyn's gardening blog at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago (linked on Blogger's Blogs of Note)this morning. I watched the videos at the bottom of her page. Watching her planting, and digging around in the soil was refreshing. Yesterday we had spring snow falling most all day. It did not stick 'cept for what came down overnight, and that is already melting here in Big Lake.

I was supposed to go in to the health clinic to get blood drawn this morning. I have hypertension and it is time to check out the blood work. I was supposed to fast! I knew that, but I nonchalantly walked out to the kitchen, poured some cold cereal and took two bites before I remembered! OH SHOOT. No, they didn't want me to come in with those two bites in my tummy. Tomorrow, I will try this again, ha!

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