Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Visiting Friends

Tomorrow when we get up and feel the aches and pains, the soreness, when things don't just go to suit us, when our burdens seem heavy, when the sky is cloudy and the kids are noisy, our husband is late getting home, our friend has a cold, etc let us be thankful to the Lord for giving us life and for giving us health and all the good things that He gives to us daily. From Connie's Thoughts from the Heart.

I want to begin sharing words from blogging friends that I found encouraging or uplifting. I hope that it will encourage you to take a peek ---when you have time. Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to visit everyone and still get daily works done.

I hope your day has been exceptionally good!


KFJ said...

Thanks for the inspirational pep talk!

mrsjojo said...

Cute graphic for the encouraging words. I agree with you on the encouraging words. We need a whole lot of that going on in this day and age. Keep up the good work!

e-Mom said...

I thank God for good friends, andblogging friends. I like your idea of quoting encouraging posts. (Yes, don't we wish we had more time to visit around the blogosphere!) :~D

elizabeth embracing life said...

I am always blessed by the words of others and how God is speaking through them. I will check in often.


When I started reading this, I thought,"That sounds like something that I said." Then as I read on and saw what you were doing, how it blessed my heart that you thought something that I had written was worth sharing. Thank you so much. I will be looking forward to the quotes from others here. I think we all should do all that we can to encourage each other. love you, connie from Texas

Jettie said...

What a beautiful message!!!
One of my favorites is..
Never let today fill up with yesterday!! You always are so inspirational how perfect!!
Have a wonderful day!!!