Monday, March 17, 2008

My Closet

It's not on my toenails ((((BBF!))))), it's not the bathroom, it's my new closet!

We've been keeping our clothes on temporary shelves since we moved into this house. The first plan was to have beautiful armoires for our bedroom. Doug's plan was to build them himself, but... time has a way of changing ideas and plans. Now I have a built in closet of which I've painted the back wall this beautiful blue. When we open the sliding mirrored doors it is cheery and DIFFERENT. I've never had a closet with a colorful background! I hope to paint the backs of all my closets with happy colors now.

When I get all the piles and piles of clothing sorted and my bedroom back in some kind of order I will take pictures of the doors and the beautiful cedar siding that Doug added to the sides of the closet. I love the cedar smell.

I am very happy to have this addition to our bedroom completed. Thank you so much Dougie for all your work.

Thank you e-Mom for this friendship award. I am happy to be called a friend of yours! I would like to pass it on to my high school friend Jo-Jo, both of my Texas Connie friends: BBF and Thoughtful Connie, another freezing friend - Jettie, Evergreen (even if you are not blogging lately!!!!), Faith, Marie (my friendly daughter), and my new friend Nancy. I appreciate all blogging friendships, and have chosen to pass on this cute FRIENDSHIP AWARD to your blogs. Thanks for your friendships.


Faith said...

Oh my gosh! thank you so much. You made my day. I was feeling kind of "down" today...probably a let down from our weekend which I am gonna post about soon. This friendship award truly just made me sit up and realize, "hey...I have friends I don't even see in the flesh....!" sister in Christ, God bless you richly!
and I love the closet!!

Marie VW said...

Thank you :o)

mrsjojo said...

Thank you so much Connie. The award is so thoughtful and cute. It is so nice to have you as a dear friend.

I went and saw Millie yesterday. She looked so nice. I said encouraging words to her and took an Easter card to her to look at. She tried real hard to look toward Jim when he spoke to her.

I was just looking at your profile photo and you look so relaxed. It makes me think of you as this "no stress lady". But for a "no stress lady" you certainly get a lot of things done!! :)

MammyT said...

Connie, I too am thankful that the gospel was brought to the Alutiq people. My husband has fond memories of the Baptist Mission where his spirit was fed in Ouzinkie, when he was just a little boy.
You are such a sweetheart. Thank you for the friendship badge. I am really glad to have you for a friend. These internet friendships are a wonderful and unexpected blessing.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I love the blue closet. It really is very cheery. I bet you just love all your new space. Hmmmm maybe you could put a desk, lamp, and a good book in there.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I have snapshots of the suburban. I am going to scan them. I have yet to figure out how to get pictures into my posts. I keep trying but they wont' go through.

Jettie said...

OOHH You are so SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it!! thank you so much!!
I did read that and it made me smile..I haven't had time to read my comments for the past few days till tonight!! with the snow melting seems like it's gotten so busy!!
And I know I need thet look....I just can't get one!!!!!!!!!!!!

e-Mom said...

The robin's egg blue in your closet is gorgeous! :~D

Kerri said...

Connie, thank you so much! I'm so sorry I haven't been around. Please know, though, that I still value your friendship and think of you quite often. Pretty much on a daily basis! :o) I've wanted so many times to pick up the phone and call but always worry that I'll be interrupting something. I'm touched that you thought of me, even after all this time. Thanks again! Love you, my FRIEND. :o)