Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good Times

Wow we are into Day Nine of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and the last time I looked defending champion Lance Mackey is running in first and Jeff King in second right now, and they are out of Unalakleet. Martin Buser is out of Kaltag and is running in 12th place. His son Rohn is doing good for his first time on the Iditarod trail. The end of the race is just about here! Check IDITAROD.COM for the Current Standings.

Jill Homer is safely home. She made it to McGrath. Good job Jill. I am glad you are back home now, and safely. I can't imagine being out on a snowy, icy trail with a bike. Incredible.

Me? I am doing my best to survive the daylight saving time change... my eyes are tired just from the one hour leap ahead in time.

I've been enjoying my Mom being back from Alegnagik. She came up in time for the Native Musicale with my sister Kotya, who has also been visiting. Good times!

P.S. My Mom is sitting on the blanket that my sister Millie made for me before she got sick. Miss you Mil!


Constance said...

It's been pretty crazy here so I haven't been making the bloggy rounds here lately like I usually do! I loved the pictures of your Snowy Girl! She's too cute and very precious!

I loved the pin from Kris! I have a coffee mug, (using it right now) I use every day that Bub got me when he was in 1st grade or so. I didn't even drink coffee back then! It says "World's Greatest Mom". It's not delicate or girly looking but it's perfect!

I've been following the Iditarod but not as closely as previous years. I haven't been on the computer as much these last few days, too busy playing and sliding in the snow!

have a great week and give "Mom" a hug from your friend in Texas!

TJ said...

That skipping one hour has all of us thrown off in my house. We are doing our best to get by though!