Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The 2008 Ladies

Twenty-two ladies are running the Iditarod. I have not checked to see if this number is up from past years but while I am checking in to see just where the front runners are I put together this display of the ladies running this year.

Of the women, the closest to the finish line right now are Jessie Royer (14th), DeeDee Jonrowe (15th), Silvia Willis (21st), Aliy Zirkle is in 24th and Sigrid Ekran in 26th position.

How about that huh? Buser is running in third right now!!!! How exciting. Lance and Jeff continue to run really close! The finish should be soon, most likely tomorrow! ALREADY! Not only time is zooming past but so is this race!


Constance said...

I checked the boards this morning and saw where Buser (Daddy that is!) had moved up! I can't believe how much ground they've covered already! It doesn't seem like as many have dropped out compared to last year. I did read where one of the Mushers had a dog die from pnumonia. (I'm sure those dog groups are all over that and how "inhumane" dog sledding is!)

Out of the gals, I am partial to Rachael. I started her autobiography last year but got derailed when I developed an interest in Theodore Roosevelt. I'll pick it back up when I finish "Undaunted Courage".

Have a great day today!

Jettie said...

Wow that many ladies in it!!!!!!!! thats cool!!