Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The swallows I mentioned in my previous post that were not here - they are here now! Flying around, dipping and diving and checking out the bird houses. I think we are supposed to clean them out each fall so that they want to use the houses again, well we didn't. But, they are here!

I am always happy when they arrive and also the red robins. Besides them the cranes have been here a while, ducks flying around busy checking out the lake and pond. The frogs begin to sing. The moose go to higher ground. We saw an osprey soaring around the lake about four days ago. I saw swans flying over near Pittman Road but none have graced the lake yet. The geese went through several weeks ago. Was watching a small black, yellow beaked and gray chested song bird this morning.

I just added a new blogger from Ohio that I want to visit as he keeps track of a bird nest hooked to his window. Check out his blog: A View From A Treestand.

Day 140

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