Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring Stuff

Cooking steak cubes over a fire.
Cleaning up the yard.
Sweeping porches free from winter's abuse.
Filling and hiding Easter eggs.
Visiting with Millie.
Visiting with Mom and Mark.
Crocheting a toddler sized poncho.
Flying in small planes and ending up at my sisters home
Enjoying the company of Becca's children.
Watching cable t.v. way out in the village!
Riding ATV's through deep, muddy bogs, making a fire and roasting sausage.
AJ's birthday at Kincaid Park and motocross practice.
Yummie strawberry ice cream birthday cake.
Gunner's birthday dinner.
First motocross race, Klinton wins first place in the first heat of Quads.
Beadwork while Doug travels away from home.
Messing around with MySpace for hours and hours.
Watching swans, geese and listening to frogs wake up.
Walking with my LORD throughout the days.

Spring has sprung and I've been busy doing ... stuff.

Here is a video of our times at Moto-cross so far this year. Enjoy.

Happy May Day! 126, Millie.


Constance said...

Okay! You are obviously a pro at this YouTube thing while I am just figuring it out! If you were closer you could tutor me on how to do this thing up right! I loved your video! Way Cool! (as my son and his friends would say!)

I never thought to ask this but how is your Mom doing with Millie going through all of this? It must be hard to see your child having to go through this. Doris' last update sounded encouraging with her verbal responses.

Here it is May already! Where is the year going? Soon you'll be giving us your summer update!


Sounds like a very happy life and living. May God bless you. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

Connie, thanks for thinking about my Mom. She is an encouragement concerning Millie. She supports Millie's recovery but always said that if the LORD chooses to bring her home to be with Himself, she is ready and we will see her again.

Mom gets to visit Millie as often as she can. I was there with her yesterday and my sister Ruth too. We all sit around the bed and pull on Mil's toes, arms, open her eye and just bug the heck outta her, but she just sort of takes a deep breath and continues resting like a big ol' Kodiak bear!!!!!

As for the video... I am not a pro! YouTube makes it easy to look like one though, ha!

OHHH let me enjoy spring, don't say nothing about summer update... :-(

Hi my new friend, Connie, also in Texas! Thanks again for stopping by. I hope that your pain is still under contol. God bless.