Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day in Talkeetna

Alaska's spring has been kindda cold!!! I went out to the RV to retrieve several items I needed, with capri's on it was quite chilly! We have definitely been having a long, cold spring, but the robins are singing! I have not seen swallows up here yet. We saw some bear tracks on the river bed in Talkeetna.

What a great weekend together as a family. Times like this families should cultivate to keep relationships refreshed. I especially liked being with Doug since his new work schedule gets him home tired every day. I am not used to seeing a tired-out husband day after day. (Previously he worked two weeks away and two weeks at home.) So, this weekend was refreshing for our relationship.

I loved being with all of our kids. Mom's day made it more special. Oh, btw, all you great Momma's out there, I hope you have a wonderful day! I forgot to have something special for my daughters Karla and Kim who are Mom's themselves. Such busy Mom's too. Was I ever that busy? I don't remember, they are both working hard at their Momma jobs. My Mom had ten babies and she is a Champion Momma Warrior. Doug's Mom had five sons, she is also a Champion Warrior! All those sons grew up to love the Lord too. My thoughts of Doug and my own parents were part of my weekend. My admiration of them was refreshed.

Alexis and I read the Bible together one morning and we talked about God and what a great Creator He is and so caring that He sent His Son to earth. He loves each one of us and when we believed He put into our hearts the Holy Spirit.

When we feel that we are not appreciated, or maybe feeling alone and not noticed, the Holy Spirit is always with us and He loves us so much. We talked about when Jesus will return on His white horse. Don't all little girls love horses! He won't be coming on a donkey this time, He will return so majestically on a horse! I know it is going to be a view worth roll after roll after roll of film!!!!

We saw so much beauty out in the woods but talk about incredible beauty, majestic, awesome, a take-your-breath-away sight! An event that will have all the great photographers reaching for their cameras! Or, will it be so mind boggling to see Him as He is that we all will stand with mouths hanging open, not even one thought of a camera at all!

Here is a slide show of our weekend.

I haven't been to see Mil all weekend. I read the update by Doris and sounds like she is coming along well.

Day 139. Reminds me of my favorite Psalm. Psalm 139.

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; when I awake, I am still with You. Psalm 139:17,18.



When you all go camping you all go camping. I don't know if I would survive in all that.The rivers were too much for me. It looks like you all had a great time and I am so glad. I am glad you had such a good Mother's Day. I really like your post. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

Connie, you could always stay in camp and enjoy the campfire!
My family does like camping and with Alaska's short summers we do take advantage of the warmer days to do it.

edt said...

A great family slide show Connie :)

I especially like the way the photos of you family have a sense of 'place'. I'm forever looking around in the backgrounds to see whats there.
I followed 'view all images' to your Alaskan slide show. What beautiful country !, I would like to visit one day.

Regards from a sunny late autumn day in New Zealand.

Connie Marie said...

Hi edt,
Perhaps you will make it up to Alaska someday, if you do be sure and look us up, we would love to meet you.
Someday it would be fun to visit New Zealand, you also have a beautiful country.
Thanks for visiting!