Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lake's, School's and Toes are Out!

No more snowy races on this lake! It is so good to sit out on the deck and watch the sun sparkle across the lake. Our spring has been coming on very slowly and we still are staying in the high 50's and low 60's.

We have enjoyed the outdoors already a lot and even if it's a bit cooler, it's all good! So far, we have been spared the snowy mornings my sister further West has been treated to, including this morning! I don't want any snow, I am happy with the soothing drip of rain.

We attended Klint's graduation in Anchorage at the Sullivan Arena. Lots of graduates (over 2400!) and lots of people there who loved them ---so the crowds were there. Only one person we were interested in seeing march down that aisle though! We are very proud of our son Klinton. He has earned a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics and a Minor in Physic's. He is much smarter than I can ever be! Good job Klinton.

The "Sons of Thunder" is a title my son Kris decided was going to be the name they will use at the MX Races. I thought that was pretty cool to name themselves after the sons of Zebedee and Salome of the Bible.

James and John, by their name (which Jesus gave to them), were a couple of guys that were "fervid," "impetuous," "passionate," or even "declamatory" and "vociferous." "Boanerges;" Sons of Thunder. A surname given by our LORD to James and John (Mark 3:17) on account of their fervid and impetuous temper. (Quoted from "And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, even as Elias did?" (Luke 9: 54) That Gospel story makes me chuckle in light of the meaning of their name.

Well the sandals are pulled out of the closets and shoe basket and even these tiny little feet were sporting sandals today! Aren't they so cute!

Raegan Mae came to visit today and she was wearing jeans, a summery top and sandals. I was trying to push her little toes up so she could see her sandals and she grunted and I saw the jeans were tight on that tummy. I said to her Mom, "Aw she already knows the pinch of her jeans!" Baby girls are so fashionable today!

Geeee whizzzzz, look at those eyes!

Day 134. Actually, Millie opens her eyes when we move her arms around. Does that mean she is awake? I think I mean awake when she sleeps at night and wakes up during the day. My sister Kotya says, but she was a night owl, maybe she would be awake at night... ?

I heard that she spoke. I have not heard her say anything yet. I have heard her moan after she coughs.

Millie is taking her good ol' time 'emerging'.



I am very happy for your son and I know how proud you are of him.

The baby is so sweet. I am going to have a new grandbaby come September and it is so exciting. It will be our 20th grandchild. All that out of 5 children. We are so blessed and even have 4 great grandchildren to prove it. lol. See you later, connie from Texas

Constance said...

Hey Gal!
Reagan is a real beauty! I love thos ebeautiful big eyes!

I remember how proud I was when Jennifer graduated from college! Her husband Corey too! Laura just finished her 1st year of college yesterday! Charlie finished his Sophomore year of High School in 2 more weeks!

I was pretty amazed at that YouTube video footage of the Brown Bear that had killed the moose. As you know, Mooses (grin) are my favorite wildlife. I thought the people made a mistake in labeling it a brown bear. It sure looked like a griz to me but then I thought,
"They live in Homer, Alaska so they are the experts, not me!"

When I referenced my book on Timothy Treadwell, "Death In The Grizzly Maze" those bears, although they look like grizzly's, they're labeled as brown. All I know is that I would've gotten the shock of my life to look out and see that going on in my driveway!

Millie sure is taking her good ole time isn't she? On a serious note, you must miss her terribly.

Internet hugs,

Connie Marie said...

It always makes me smile whenever I realize that all of us here are all Connie's! Our name means constant and we are that!

So Connie from Texas, not the first Connie but the second Connie from Texas... I was surprised when I heard music upon loading this page and I loved it! So, thanks for the idea from your blog.

I love being a Grandma. I saw some of your grandchildren at (Theresa's spark page.) I joined because of you, so two blessings have come into my life because you stopped by my blog one day. Thanks so much.

Congratulations on the new coming baby, that is always an exciting event in our families.

Connie, my first Connie friend from Texas, I would not even be able to tell you what sort of bear that is. My husband Doug could. To consider someone expert on bears just because they live up here, no don't do that.

Many people live in the City and don't get to see wildlife all that often. I only know the Kodiak Brown Bears, and we see Brownies around here too, but they are so far away I could not tell you what sort it was... I just know they are ... KEEP AWAY YOU STINKIN' BEAR!

Raegan is growing up so fast and right now her Mom has her hands very full with three sons ahead of her, her oldest son is 6. So yes, she looks a bit bedraggled whenever I see her, yet she is doing an exercise program with her sister Kim too! Such energies!

Yes, I miss seeing Millie's smile around and her emails in my mailbox. I miss our short and sweet talks on the phone. I miss her laugh. Small things I have taken for granted in my daily relationships. Lord, teach me to love as if it were my last chance to love.

mrsjojo said...

What a little doll. How old is Reagan now? I'm going to go to Seattle to see my grandbaby on June 2nd for a week. I'm so excited!!
Congrats to Klint!!!!!!

Tell Millie that I can't wait to hear her laugh when you see her again. Thanks