Friday, May 18, 2007

Dirty Low-Down Scoundrel

Chewy my indoor companion who is normally such a sweet little guy acted like a stinker when I was not watching. I was busy on the deck with watering and putting little seedlings in the sunshine and making sure they have enough water to last for a few days.

I went into the house for just a minute and this little guy chewed (Chewy) on one of the sunflower seedlings and then sat there looking like "What?" "I didn't eat that plant." But, he is not aware of the incriminating evidence --- leftovers on his chin!

It's a good thing he has such a good friend in me! (Not really, it was just one little sunflower seedling, ha!)

Today is May 18 and for some reason I always remember that it's Helen G's birthday. Happy birthday Helen. I know you all are depending on God for comfort on the loss of your dear brother.

No visits with Millie yet, I miss seeing her. I hope to make it there Sunday.

Day 143. 1-4-3. I-L-Y. I love you Millie.


Constance said...

I'm back! I can't remember if I knew when your birthday is? It sounds like May 16th and that is our youngest daughter, Laura Lou's birthday! Hope it was fun and that you get even with all of the stinkers in your family when their turn comes around!

Anonymous said...

When we sit and talk with Charlotte about moving home and ask her who she'll like seeing again, she usually says something like, "Chewy! Chewy is my friend!"

Connie Marie said...

I am glad to see you back online Connie H. It can be so, what do you call it, frustrating, aggravating, irritating, you know what I mean when the computer won't work! I am glad you are working again.

Now I seem to remember something about sharing my birthday with Laura Lou. I also share the day with my Karla's husband, Chris.

Hey Miss Charlotte! I hear that you will be coming back to Alaska and we are all so happy to hear about that. Your friend Chewy will surely be happy to see you again too!