Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cold Spring

Just took these pictures this morning in the yard. Pink bushes are called Rose Tree of China. They are incredibly beautiful right now. The Norland Apple tree for the last two springs has been in full bloom by May 16 (my birthday), this year it does not have blooms at all, or yet... maybe they are still coming. The crabapple is just about ready to bloom. The white blossoms are on the Maytree. Spring has been cold so everything has been slowly coming along. Rhubarb is coming in good, as usual.

Chewy got a haircut today. More like Chewy got a hair-butcher today. I worked on his hair for hours. It is a long, tedious job to groom him. When he is done he looks pretty good. I have not mastered the buzz clippers yet but I know if it would work properly this job might be easier.

Anyway, I think if he stays out very long he will definitely feel a chill! I clipped off enough fur to cover two more little dogs. He looks so different! But he is still cute.

After his haircut this morning I gave him a bath. I don't know if it is common for shihtzu's to turn maniac after they get wet but he turns into a little gremlin, just like the movie "Gremlins"! Maybe it is to naturally warm him up so he does not shiver to death as he waits to dry.

Last time I saw Millie she was sitting in a chair (Friday). It was so nice to see her up in a chair. Adam had just returned from his away job and was there suctioning out her throat so that she could breath quieter. She had one eye open and was looking up. She had on ear buds and was listening to music. I waited awhile then I took them off so that I could say hi!

Two of her daughters are up here now, visiting her, from the Lower 48.

Day 154.


Constance said...

Good Morning BBF
(that means Best Blogger Friend)

actually we've shared comments the longest of anyone I know!

I envy the rhubarb coming in! Dave LOVES the stuff and every year for his b-day (in July) instead of a cake, I make him a pie.

I tried cutting my son's hair with the clippers when he was a toddler and he wound up having a punk hairdo. We ended up basically having to shave his head! My mother yelled at me telling me he reminded her of someone in a concentration camp! I was kind of startled at her response to tell you the truth!

Springtime in Alaska-I'll have to see it for myself one day! We're having more rain (what's up with all of this rain?) and I can't even get out and work in my flowers! I'm waiting to plant the rosebushes I got for Mother's day and haven't been able to YET!

Glad you got to see Millie. Gosh, it's been SO long now!

Connie Marie said...

I like being called a BBF! :-) It's been fun sharing blogs and family, trips, God's Word, and it is quite addicting to keep checking on blogs! Thanks for keeping up with yours, BBF!

I plan to pick some of that new rhubarb to make a pie today. I do not like it after it has been growing for a while and have tried to freeze it but don't like it that way either. Doug's Mom loves the stuff too and she always makes a rhubarb sauce that she serves with lunch. It is good that way too. She just cleans it and chops it up and puts it on the stove top and simmers it until it is soft, then adds sugar to taste. I've made what I call table top jam, not canned just made and it's used up so fast it turns into a springtime treat.

I have cut my boys hair ever since their were babies. That is funny about your Mom's reaction! I can totally understand that though, my sons all buzzed their heads one day and it was SHOCKING and made me feel like crying.

You had a lot of time to catch spring time in Alaska this year! It just has been loooong and so cold! Still when I go outdoors it is chilly!!! Nice for long walks with sweaters, though.

Yes, Mil has been away a long time. :-( There will have to be a big celebration when she finally gets back...

Kerri said...

Bianca needs a haircut but she's so cute all shaggy looking. I don't know if I'd like her in short hair, but I guess I should just give in. It is, afterall, warming up out there.

How are your temps? We've been in the mid-to-high 50's, even when it rains. The rain we've been getting has been just an occasional sprinkle.

I received some pictures of Adam and Millie yesterday. She looks so much better. Her hair is growing! :o) I'm glad you get to go and see her as often as you do and I agree...she deserves a huge celebration when she finally becomes fully awake!


Connie Marie said...

Hi Kerri!

Bianca is a cute dog. I like when Chewy's fur is longer too but he is so hard to keep clean. His fur hold the dusty dirt. Chevy gets dirty and in an hour or so you can't even tell he was in the swamps.

We have been having temps in the high 50's to low 60's. The other day while we were driving home from Anchorage it was at 70 for a few minutes then just had to drop back down to 69! We also just get little bit rain. I think when it rains we get new snow on the mt tops!

You need to get up to Anchorage and visit Millie! Maybe she will just jump right up and begin visiting! I would be so jealous if she did, ha! Happy but... probably I would want to tweak her nose.

Going to check your blog now.. see if you added anything new!


Connie those pictures were so pretty. I wish I had some of those pink trees or bushes. They are beautiful.

I have been meeting so many Connie's since I have been blogging. Have you? I noticed your birthday is also in May. Isn't that something. Growing up, I never knew one person named Connie. I am so glad I have met you and am getting to know you. Did I tell you My granddaughter in law is from Alaska and her parent still live there. I think it is North Pole Alaska. Have a happy week. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

Hi Connie from Texas,

Yes, so many Connie's. That name was always rare around me too. Being online I have met so many friends that I would have never met. New ideas and new places. It has been fun. I share a birthday with my daughter Karla's husband! My daughters Marie & Karla share their birthday with their Uncle, my sisters husband!

My sister used to live in North Pole! We have a lot in common and I am glad I met you too (through my other Connie friend's blog).

Thanks for visiting, it's always good to hear from you. I am not doing good with Sparkspeople lately. I have not even signed in for over a week, I think! It's impossible to be on a diet during the summer and all the picnics, traveling, etc. I think I am on the SEEfood diet!!!!

Thanks for visiting. :-)

e-Mom said...

Happy belated birthday! And these photos are GORGEOUS. You have a wonderful eye. I especially love the pink Rose Tree of China. Your dog (Chewy?) is darling. Spring has sprung, and how wonderful. Thanks for sharing Alaska with us. Hugs!

Connie Marie said...

Hi e-Mom,

Thanks for the bd wish!

Yes he is my little dog Chewy. I named him with a native name (Alutiiq) Culuk; pronounced Chew-look, kind of - but with more deep throat stuff. ha The name means feather, or what we always called the 'dust bunnies' when we (myself and five sisters) swept the floors as little girls. I thought he could pass as a dust bunny when he was a little puppy!

Thanks for visiting! HUGs