Saturday, March 17, 2007


Picture was taken of "Sleeping Lady" coming down from Eklutna Lake.

I just got home from Wasilla. Marie took Calli and I out shopping while the guys are out on a Dad & Sons snowmachine day with a bunch of other guys from Wasilla Bible Church. We stopped to have lunch on the way at Cadillac Cafe.

Cadillac Cafe is a small restaurant along the Parks Highway heading from Big Lake to Wasilla. It is tucked into a small gas station and is part of the growing area known as Pittman Road. Pittman is getting an atmosphere all it's own. There seems to always be a lot of activity; tourists, ATV users and families heading up the highway loaded down with their snow machines find a reason to stop here before going on their ways.

I had Cadillac Cafes Curried Chicken Salad, a pretty good helping of lettuce, celery, chopped red onions, cashews, grapes and curried chicken all tossed in some kind of white salad dressing. It just hit the spot for me today. The lemonade was not good, I think it was even powdered, so don't get the lemonade if you're thinking about stopping there for lunch. Marie had a Japanese style chicken taco that had rice and black beans on the side. She said it was good. I tasted the black beans and they were good. Calli had a cup of chili. She said it was on the spicy side but also yummy.

We shopped at Joanne's which I learned had a coupon out that I could have used to save even more money than what I saved there. What a sad time when I realized that I could have bought twice as many beads as I did! (hehehe)

Anyway, the sun is shining and we didn't about freeze to death before we got into the stores. Everyone looks so chipper and we saw some melting snow on the highway.

Zippidy do dah ... zippidy yeahhhh... my oh my what a wonderful St. Patrick's day!

My brother Don called and said that Millie could be home as early as Monday! Another reason to be happy. She will be staying at Providence Extended Care in Anchorage. Looking forward to seeing you again Mil!

Day 81

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