Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Resting or Waiting?

Watching the Iditarod standings to see where the leading sled teams will take their mandatory 24 hours.

There is a common myth in the Iditarod racing circle that the first team into the old mining ghost town, Iditarod (where the name of this race came from), won't finish the race in first place. It's a myth. It is said that usually the person going into the town first has been hitting the trail pretty hard. Lance Mackey continues to run up in #1 and has left Ophir and is headed for Iditarod. Does anyone know if he was able to borrow a new runner from another musher? I wish him the best and even the win for all the hard work so far. I don't believe in old myths. I know that this race takes thinking and strategy to win, but mostly an anxious buncha dogs and a good gripping pair of hands to hold on to the sled. But I always wonder if the myth causes some hesitation at this point of the race.

Buser is running in 4th position and is into Ophir along with last years champion, Jeff King, and Zack Steer right now. Paul Gebhardt, Jason Barron, Aliy Zirkle, Mitch Seavey, Ed Iten and Tollef Monson are into Takotna and those are all running in the top ten right now. I thought that Robert Sorlie would be up with the best by now, he just left McGrath about an hour ago.

Ophir is just a small place with Iditarod officials and veterinarians, and not really any place to hang out for 24 hours, it's early in the day and I am wondering what is on the minds of the mushers. This area can have a lot of caribou. Iditarod is also a nothing sort of place and 90 miles from Ophir. After Iditarod the teams will be heading to Shageluk.

Shageluk reminds me of a friend I have there that I met in high school. I really enjoyed her company. I have not seen her for a long time. I think the town of Shageluk brings the same sort of feelings for the mushers heading that way. It's a welcomed place to stop for much needed rest. The weather for this area right now is mostly cloudy with snow flurries and high temps are -10f with lows over night 15 - 30 below. Yuck!

Shageluk also has a website that they will be reporting mushers activities at. Be sure and check it out. Hopefully they will have an update there soon. I just looked at it and there isn't anything yet. Shageluk Iditarod 2007. From Shageluk on to Nome the trails are used by locals and is usually a pretty good ride from this point on.

Paul Gebhardt is moving again.

I acknowledge and praise our awesome Creator and God for the healing going on in Millie's body. His powers are incomprehensible. I thank Him for His love and care demonstrated to us by allowing her to remain in our lives.

Day 71

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e-Mom said...

I'm here for the party! Pleased to meet you. What an interesting blog. I've never been to Alaska, but we live in the PNW so I've heard a great deal about it. I hope the race goes well. And I pray Millie continues to heal.
Hugs 'n prayers, e-Mom