Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Mush Is On!

I scratched my finger on a plastic container this morning, but I bet that didn't hurt as much as all of the mushers that had to scratch so far from the 2007 Iditarod. Darn, DeeDee Jonrowe had to scratch too. Sounds like the area that took her and Doug Swingley down is a treacherous. Poor, she has a broken finger bone in her hand.

Lance Mackey is still going strong this morning! Into Nikolai ---with my favorite "Smile" down in position 5. As I type - 31 mushers have been in and back out of Rohn! Jason Barron, Cim Smyth and Zack Steer fill the trail between Buser and our fearless leader right now. I am keeping my eye on Jeff King (just about up into the top ten right now) and Robert Sorlie too. Paul Gebhardt continues to keep right up there in the top ten. From this view it looks like Lance Mackey better keep on keepin' on 'cause the tongues are hanging low and there are dogs that know not how to keep is slow! BE SAFE MUSHERS!

It's beautiful today, clear and still c-c-c-ccccold! Still having minus temperatures with wind. Not fun days to be outdoors! Therefore, I am thankful for all the online coverage I've been enjoying stopping by to read. My appetite to watch video footage of the race was not sated by watching NBC Channel 2's coverage! I wanted to see more from the mushers out there when I hurried downstairs to watch the news last night but was Sorlie disappointed, uh I mean sorely! I am probably pronouncing that incorrectly; am I? Probably mushers just don't have time for interviews, I guess.

I enjoyed listening to Dogsled's interview of Martin at www.dogsled.com -- "Martin Talks About Rainy Pass." Sleep deprivation on the trail, something I never really considered but can see how that would occur! I enjoyed hearing Buser's talk about it.

Come on Aliy, get back up there into the top five! I am cheerin' you on through the testosterone breeze! Right now, Aliy Zirkle is in #7 position.

You are missing the big race Millie!

Day 70


Anonymous said...

Great site - love the Iron Dog and Iditarod info. My Dad used to snowshoe into Big Lake to ice fish in the days gone by - before there was a road -son still has a cabin there.

Connie Marie said...

Hi anonymous!

I see that Aliy Zirkle is back up in the top five again! (#4) I am waiting to see which mushers will be stopping for the mandatory 24 now to Ophir. Cabela's current line-up site must be busy because I can't get it to load completely right now.