Tuesday, March 06, 2007

He's Back!

Buser is back on the roster at # 1 right now! He flew into Nikolai and right back out in three minutes. He must be making the best distance before taking his mandatory 24. Non of the mushers have done that yet. Lance has been in Nikolai for 11 hours now.

Jeff King is coming right along at #7 position! Aliy Zirkle is showing #5 position right now. I am curious to see where Sorlie shows up before the end of this day.

The trail from Nikolai to McGrath is fifty miles, but many mushers will opt to stop in Nikolai and enjoy the strong hospitality of it's people. Looks like Buser decided to go on to McGrath, on the "flat and uneventful" trail. Looks like weather there has blowing snow at -3F.

Here is a website with some video Iditarod related interviews you might find interesting. Mushing Media.

Happy news about Mil! They removed the tracheotomy today; she has supplemental oxygen tubes via her nose. She will be able to talk if she wants to. She only has a feeding tube, IV for liquids, bandage where her trach was, and heart monitor hooked to her finger now. I'm thanking the Lord for His goodness to her.

Day 70

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