Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brave Tree-Crunchers

I've noticed that the moose in our area begin to get a lot less timid as winter moves into spring. They might be getting low on browsing material so they don't want to move when we come around; they seem unafraid, so that makes me afraid.

It's during this time when we have to be a bit more careful because they seem much more prone to keep coming close and even won't get out of the way for our vehicles as we go down the drive way.

Moose attacks do happen. I have a sign hanging on my house that says, Beware of Attack MOOSE! I really hung it up as a joke, but it's not a joke if you are unfortunate enough to get caught under these guys hooves. I'm sure you've seen video online, if not just type "moose attack" into Google. Forget about the dog in the yard, watch out for the moose!

This is my best mad moose picture. He was in our yard one winter and decided he wanted us gone. I thought he was gonna jump up on the porch and kick me into my house! The picture was taken as he angrily walked down the sidewalk.

Here is a video of a cow and her two calves that were hanging around here on Sunday. After I uploaded it, the video turned out a bit blurry, but you can still get a good look at them.

Ah ha, Sigrid Ekran was the first rookie into Nome. Good job Sigrid. Oh, Ellen Halverson left Eagle Island a head of Donald Smidt, is she gonna have competition for the Red Lantern position? 22 scratches so far this year, I wonder if that is higher than normal? I have heard so much about the horrible trail, maybe it has just been harder on dogs, sleds and mushers than usual.

No new news about Millie lately. :-(

Day 79.


Constance said...

I loved your video clip of the moosies! They looked so nonchalent as they chewed their way around.

I loved the sunset(?) on the lake. What an incredible view you have! Is that from your porch? I was trying to make out the background voices to figure out if you were watching something on TV or listening to the radio.

Have you ever seen the movie "Snow Walker" with Barry Pepper? We were watching it the other day again and I love the story!

Constance said...

Link for the movie I mentioned. I STILL can't figure out how to make a clickable link when I'm posting! I guess I need to have my son SHOW me how to do it because I can't figure it out from reading it! DUH!

andrew said...

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