Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To Move Or Not To Move!

Ruth, Millie, Marie (my daughter), Me and Kotya at the Howling Huskies Gospel Festival. (Another picture from my sister.) I just talked with Adam. Millie won't be moving today and probably not for three to four more days yet. She is running a slight fever. Her physicians do not want to move her when she has any additional problems. Adam said that besides that the nurses have become attached to Millie and don't want to see her leave.

Millie has fewer connections than when my sisters and I were out there. She has her feeding tube, fluids and antibiotics IV's. She only gets 30% assist with her breathing too. That means that 70% of her breathing is her own work now. Thank the GOOD LORD for her progress. Adam also said that her eyes are moving around a lot (sounds to me like REM sleep); he thought that she always did that just before she would wake up.

For those of you that have asked about helping financially with whatever Adam needs he has a new Wells Fargo account where contributions can be made. That checking account number is 5076514362. I read Doris update and saw that she has posted the same thing that Adam told me to pass on: "He cherishes the prayer support more than the financial support."

I also contacted the Regional Hospital to get an address for Millie when she gets there for anyone that wants to send her cards or whatever. I just received a reply from Barbara Hostetler, Associate Administrator and Chief Nursing Officer there. She gave me this address to share here. When Millie gets an actual room assigned that will be added to her address then too. Barbara wrote: "We're looking forward to providing the best care possible for your sister and to meet you as well." The staff welcomes any visits from family and friends while Millie will be there.

Mildred Aposik
The Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care
12844 Military Road S
Seattle, Washington

But, she is not there yet! I will continue to update here about Millie when she moves, for those of you that cannot access Doris' update site.

Prayer request for me! I am getting a CT scan done today ---just to be sure my headaches have nothing to do with what Millie has gone through. This sort of trouble tends to run in families, so my doctor wants to make sure all is good up there before he just gives me a new pain killer prescription. Thanks for your prayers.

Day 42

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Kerri said...

I've been praying for you all along, but will add the specific request that your headaches are taken care of soon.

God bless