Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy 'Home' Valentine!

We decided to stay home yesterday and cook together instead of joining the bunches and bunches of people at the restaurants. I made Doug, Marie and Kris a brownie heart dessert. You just bake two pieces of your cake/brownie; one in a round pan and one in a square. Then when they cool, cut the round one in half and put it on two edges of the square brownie/cake. Then frost it. Doug brought home some yummie Bryers (or is it Byers?) ice cream that went with it perfectly.

Doug also brought home steak, lobster, salad fixings. We broiled the steaks and boiled the lobster. He even carried in some chocolate covered strawberries too! What a bunch of treats we had yesterday! I haven't even ate anything today yet! It was a very good evening spent together as sweetheart,s and honey's, lol.

If you can, be sure and check out Doris' updates on her Mom's condition.

Adam just called. I asked him about Millie's breathing and she is breathing up to 14 hours without the ventilator. That is so very encouraging because when she can breath on her own, she won't need to be in a respiratory hospital which is scarce up here in Alaska. There will be a better chance of her coming back to Alaska sooner if she can breath totally on her own. Of course, the best is if she will just wake up! That's what we want. Adam said to say to everyone "Thank you for all your prayers."

Day 51


Constance said...

Yesterday was Valentine's day and I ate a grilled cheese and dill pickle sandwich and Dave had leftover home-made chili! I drove 7 teenage boys to Youth Group so Dave's wanting to take me out to dinner last night, didn't pan out. We may go to dinner this weekend!

Connie Marie said...

One thing I've learned when Doug worked on the North Slope for 27 years was --- any day is a good day to celebrate any holiday! So, whenever you both do get to enjoy dinner together--- Happy Valentine's Day!

It was so fun making dinner together we thought we just might 'celebrate' again and more often.

Kerri said...

It looks like you had a lovely Valentine's Day. Ours was good. Didn't do anything too special. No restaurants here. hehe

Knowing Millie is breathing longer and longer on her own is so encouraging. I thank God for taking care of her as only He can.