Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chewy, Birds, Moose & The Fuel Man

I was watching Chewy watching the birds this morning. I woke up before light, went downstairs to make coffee and while I peeked out the window I saw two black spots out on the hill. Moose!

I went outside on the deck with my robe, and sock slippers and tried to get pictures. Chewy ran out right behind me; all morning since he has been chasing the chickadees and red polls around on the deck. He is so funny. Soon he starts whining because he can't catch anything.

I went from window to window watching him and the moose, taking pictures.

Lots of time passed and I never got dressed but laughed, sipped on some good, hot coffee and took pictures.

Soon here comes a big truck, the phone rings, it's someone asking: "Where is the Amsoil additive your husband wants added to the stove oil tank?" I know where that is but I want to run and get dressed but here comes the man that needs it! So, I put on my most laid back, this is the way it is look and walked outside in my robe and sock slippers to give him what he needed.

"Good morning! How are you today?"

"I am doing good, thank you," I said while I handed him the stuff and hurried back inside, remembering the whole time that I had decided I would attempt to share something about myself to the next person that asks "how are you" because all my usually quiet self ever thinks to say is "good" in reply.

"Hi, how are you?"

Do people really expect a reply to that or is it just a greeting? This morning, my reply was a quick answer to a greeting!

(Doug had sent a "heads up" via email about the fuel guy coming this morning but I didn't turn on my computer until after 11 today.)

Millie has been resting 37 days today.


Constance said...

That was cute to see your doggie AND I got to hear your voice! I love mooses or is it meese like geese? I never know! How neat to look out your window and get to see one practically whenever you want! They are pretty elusive when we're in Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons and of course, non-existent don here! We got some more snowflakes today! I might post a couple of pics on my blogsite. Must be nice to be a lady of leisure.

Connie Marie said...

lol YES, I admit to my leisurely life way out here in the toolies. I love it.

It is moose for one and moose for lots of them. I realize these moose hardly move unless they have been spooked or are being chased by loose dogs. While there are so many of them in one place they start chasing each other away from the areas they are munching on trees. It's not normal to see so many in the same place.

*wiggles warm toes in sock slippers*

Kerri said...

Isn't that how it always works? The ONE day you decide not to dress right away someone inevitably shows up at the door. (And by YOU, I mean anyone.)

It's become a habit of mine to replay to a "How are you?" With a "I'm doing well, thanks. How 'bout you?" I'm not always sure they want an answer so return the question back to them and figure if they really want to know something, they'll ask another question.

Chewy is so cute! It's good to hear your voice again, too.

Connie Marie said...

That's a great idea, now if I can just remember that BEFORE I say "good". hehe! (((((Carrie))))))

Constance said...

My precious grandmother used to say,
"I was better but I got over it!".

One of the priviledges of age, to speak one's mind without concern over the proper response.

Tom Mayer said...

I guess, it doesn't matter what you answer. It is only greeting, nothing else)