Friday, February 09, 2007


I got a call from my Dr yesterday with the CT scan results. He said that there were two areas of the scan they were concerned about; he suggested that an MRI be scheduled, but before we did that he wanted to talk to the Radiologist again and possibly contact Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital where I had the micro-vascular decompression surgery in 2002. He told me to hang tight and that he would call me again in the morning.

So I've been hangin'! This morning he says, after all of that we will cancel the MRI plan. He and the radiologist felt that after reconsidering my scan no further study of these two areas will be needed.

I am quite thankful this morning after wondering about all this since Tuesday. Now I feel like I have a new zing in my life! I am thankful for just plain ol' headaches! Isn't it great to have a plain ol' headache? I mostly wanted to know my veins were healthy and he said that my veins are all good! I am thanking the LORD this morning.

The two areas they were at first concerned about was the cyst. I already have known that I have an arachnoid cyst. I can't remember the exact spot, it was pointed out to me in 2002. I have learned that this sort of cranial cyst is an abnormality which is formed during the gestational period!!! So, I have already lived with this for my whole life! The second area in question are the teflon pads which were put in place to stop the nerves near the brain stem from touching each other. The seventh cranial nerve was embedded in my brain and somehow was resulting in spasms which traveled to my face, mouth and throat causing twitching that contorted my face, changed my speech and had begun to move to my neck, all on the left side. I had 'the surgery' and have been enjoying a quiet face ever since. Until you have lived for years with a face that goes into violent spasm whenever you laugh, cry, sing and speak you don't realize the blessing it is to smile, laugh, talk and cry quietly! Let me advise you... be thankful! Thank you God for the wisdom you have given to men and thank you Dr J & Dr. Casey for pursuing expertise in this area!

So, my body is not perfect but who else's is? We all live in a decaying world and we must live life as best as we can. I listened to TV this morning and the first blind guy to climb Mt. Everest! Erik Weihenmayer. 29,000 feet up! He made it all the way up there! I know he did that with help of some very good friends or guides. While I was reading about him I ran across a story of how other climbers stepped over a fellow climber of Mt Everest and then proceeded to summit. Others left him to die on the path. So this is a very grueling hobby. One that I have no desire to pursue! Erik desired to be up there and he could not even see the view, but he says he can feel/sense it.

Erik said something about when adversity comes into our lives, we can either burden others with our troubles or we can rise up, overcome it, and then use it to inspire others on to accomplish big things in their lives. (My own words but you get the idea.) I thought his were very good words. See Erik Weihenmayer's accomplishments. Or go to his own website: Touch The Top. Some people are so incredible; he is one of them. He has written several books which you can find at his site too.

Millie has not moved to the other hospital yet. Doris said her nurses sat her up! She has been continuing to get blood thinners for clots in her arms and legs.

Day 45


Yarngineer said...

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Kerri said...

(((((Connie))))) I'm so glad to know that you are okay!

I'm off to another basketball game, but I'll check out Erik Weihenmayer later. You're always providing such interesting links!

mrsjojo said...

Praise the Lord that you are ok and that you have good doctors!!

It's so good to know that Millie has good nurses around her. She must still need them cause they aren't moving her yet. It's so encouraging to hear that she is making progress each day!!!!