Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I shared this at MySpace and thought I would take it and post it here.

I am subscribed to A Slice of Infinity, part of the Ravi Zacharias ministry This mornings email devotional was a good one to read. "Restless Hearts."

I especially liked the words Jill Carattini quoted by St. Augustine: "You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee."

Just because I know the Lord and love Him does not mean that restless discontent is banished. Nope. I struggle with it from time to time.

This morning when I walked outside - it was so cold that I was immediately mad. I am so tired of cold weather that I fumed and decided that I wanted to sell everything and move away. I say things like that occasionally but most of the time as soon as I warm back up the thoughts fly away.

Alaska is a place in the winter where scores of people can become discontented and hate the climate. But just warm it up a few degrees and those feelings disappear and the beauty that surrounds us alleviates the anger that the bitter cold stirs up during the dark, cold days of winter. I see it all the time -when the temps rise the bounce in the Alaskans steps comes back. We walk in and out of buildings wearing only short sleeve shirts at about freezing. We smile when the rest of the world looks at us with astonishment. But after minus temps just freezing is spring!

I am so ready for 32F!!!! Come on Spring.

Ah well. I guess the last few weeks this biting cold has put me into some kind of a crazy mood. Probably discontent!

Day 64

Monday, February 26, 2007

Diggin' Up Bones

"Simcha has no credibility whatsoever," says Joe Zias...

I was at yesterday and saw the article about the guy who believes that a 1980 discovery of a burial plot is Jesus Christ's family tomb site. I read with interest, what he has been led to believe is the tomb of my Savior; His burial place and bones, along with ten others in other bone boxes. Diggin' up bones just in time for Easter too!

I thought to myself, ah bah humbug, another easy buck for someone; then I went on to another article.

Well, this morning the NBC Today Show had them on. Meredith Vieira (I love to watch her.) commented that we would be hearing more of this in the coming days. A topic that to me, as a Believer in no bones left behind, is interesting. I have faith that God raised His Son from the dead and "He is not here, but is risen!" (Luke 24:6.) But, I have learned that before the return of Christ there will be a falling away; the faith of many who claim to know and walk with God, through Jesus Christ, will be tested and will fall away. Sadly, not all that say "Lord, Lord," will be known by Him.

These old-new news stories come and go; Apostle Paul even spoke about this. The Lord never changes, what He said --will be. I do realize that someday, many "Christian's" will fall away from believing for having believed a clever lie. I would guess that loving their way of life more than the teachings of Jesus Christ, it will be easy to believe whatever that lie may be.

As for me, I believe that Jesus Christ, was born, lived on the earth for 30+ years, taught about God's Kingdom during that time, then was taken and crucified. He died and was buried three days and then, through the power of God, was resurrected--- all of him, not just His Spirit. He was seen by many before He returned to His Father's side. Thomas even touched His side. You can't touch the side of a Spirit. In God's Kingdom, He is preparing a place for those, we, us, me that continue in the faith, during this life ---no matter what some person or being may come along and claim as another truth. My heart tells me and so many others ---Yes, this is truth.

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. II Thessalonians 2:3,4.

Day 62

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've been thinking about acknowledging each other and just the word acknowledge in general; when I watch animals I've seen that they do this.

When I've watched my dogs acknowledge another dog (in their own territory) most likely they will notice the dog, gruff, and then stick their tails way up into the air and strut out to meet the wayward dog. My cats have hunkered down, watched silently until the new cat comes into their space; that is when they begin to snarl. The ducks on the lake swim towards each other then past each other and waggle their tails; if another duck gets too close, they will make a beeline towards the invader with their beak down to chase him/her off. I mostly see that during nesting periods. The loons on the lake will call, swim slowly towards each other and if they recognize each other, then they make all kinds of noises and splash around and look so happy to see each other. I figure that they must be old family/offspring. I've been told that loons don't share lakes, that each small lake usually has a pair of loons and all others are chased off. I only ever see two on our lake unless some welcomed visitors come then they swim around for several hours before I notice the visitors are gone and it's back to lonely loony calls again.

I've been blessed with so many moose around lately. We have to be careful that they don't stomp us! My niece told me that she is afraid of them because of their "stomping-ish feet." From the safety and WARMTH of my kitchen window I've been enjoying their company everyday for a few weeks now. One day my husband counted 17 moose out there!

Moose acknowledge each other too. How they can tell which calf belongs to them and which is a foreign one is hard to understand. With all the fast highway travelers we see far too many small moose all alone. It makes me so sad. They wander from moose pairs (cow and calf) to moose pairs seeking another moose family. But when the Momma moose senses that this young one does not belong, she will aggressively move towards the newcomer attempting to frighten it off. If that does not work, then she will lay her ears back and stomp her feet as she approaches again. The young calf (without a Momma anymore) will then turn and trot off all alone. It's sad to watch this. Poor things.

I think Alaska's highway speeds should be drastically reduced during our dark, icy road conditions we endure during the winter months. If not, then we need to acknowledge the presence of our young moose families out there and slow down for them!

People acknowledge each other in much more difficult, complex ways. Animals are so up front and there is no way you can miss the signal if they prefer not to have your company, or if they do want your company; which ever it is, it's very evident.

Function: transitive verb

1 : to recognize the rights, authority, or status of
2 : to disclose knowledge of or agreement with
3 a : to express gratitude or obligation for b : to take notice of c : to make known the receipt of
4 : to recognize as genuine or valid

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5,6

I have been thinking of how I acknowledge God in my life. So according to Webster to acknowledge has four meanings and using his description of the word acknowledge I can learn four things right now about it all.

One. Recognize His rights as God, authority as God and His unattainable status.

Two. Agree with the knowledge of Himself that He has given in the Bible.

Three. Express gratitude or my obligation of His gift; notice His attempts to get my attention in this world; recognize the debt that I own Him for such a grand gift as He has given to me.

Four. Acknowledge that I gratefully know that without Him I would have no chance of paying the awful price that only His Son could pay.

Day 58

Monday, February 19, 2007

Crispy Night

I just took these pictures of the moon out my back door. The moon is actually much more of a sliver than it is showing here. I guess the shutter is open long enough to make it appear bigger than it is.

It's crispy cold here in Big Lake. I don't even want to take my little dog out the door (I still have to walk with him when he needs to go out.) do his business! It's just too cold. He does not like it out there so cold either. He lifts his front paw, then his back paw, then his other front paw --- so getting things done takes a dreadfully longer time.

The temperature showing on my blog must be taken further South of me because tonight we are about ten degrees colder than they are registering. Minus temps up here.

My son Klinton and his wife Calli stay in our cabin here at "The Lake" and they are just a short walk farther North but many times are a few degrees colder than we are. When they mention the cold I say to them, "Well you see, that's because you guys are further North than we are; it's not that cold --- here in the South!"

Day 55

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Palin, Davis in Fairbanks!

What a long ride! Those guys been at it since we last saw them on Big Lake and finally the Pro teams are beginning to zoom into Fairbanks. See the End Results. I never really did see the Web Cam do much, if I would have remembered I would have watched the finish at Fairbanks with that. Congratulations to all the teams but mostly to Scott Davis and Todd Palin. The winning team. I wonder what kind of stories they have to tell about their ride. Teams 21 and 23 we were watching too, but for reasons we don't know yet, had to scratch before the finish of the race. :-(

I had to show off our new baby! Baby Raegan Mae, so sweet and huggable! She had a hair clip in her fluffy hair today. Baby Calvin Ty was looking adorable too!

Okay! Let's make it a complete DeLong day here on the blog. Here's Gunner and Tucker too!

The whole family is here playing on the frozen lake and I have a big pot of soup on the stove!

Day 53

Friday, February 16, 2007

A Favorite Poem

I couldn't decide which picture to upload today to show you our snowy day, so I uploaded them both, how's that for making a decision!

And since it is snowing, I thought what a great day to share a favorite poem. This is a long poem so I hope you appreciate all my typing!

Whisperin' Bill

So ye're runnin' fer Congress, mister? Le' me tell ye 'bout my son---
Might make you fellers carefuller down there in Washington---
He clings to his rifle an' uniform---folks call him Whisperin' Bill;
An' I tell ye the war ain't over yit up here on Bouman's Hill.

This dooryard is his battlefield--le's see, he was nigh sixteen
When Sumter fell, an' as likely a boy as ever this world has seen;
An' what with the news o' battles lost, the speeches an' all the noise,
I guess ev'ry farm in the neighborhood lost a part of its crop o' boys.

'Twas harvest time when Bill left home: ev'ry stalk in the fields o' rye
Seemed to stan' tiptoe tosee him off an' wave him a fond good-bye;
His sweetheart was here with some other gals--the sassy little miss!
An' purtendin' she wanted to whisper'n his ear, she gave him a rousin' kiss.

Oh, he was a han'some feller!an' tender an' brave an' smart,
An' though he was bigger'n I was, the boy had a woman's heart.
I couldn't control my feelin's, but I tried with all my might,
An' his mother an' me stood a-cryin' till Bill was out o' sight.

His mother she often tol' him, when she knew he was goin' away,
That God would take care o' him, maybe, if he didn't fergit to pray;
An' on the bloodiest battlefields, when bullets whizzed in the air,
An' Bill was a-fightin' desperit, he used to whisper a prayer.

Oh, his comrades has often told me that Bill never flinched a bit
When every second a gap in the ranks tol' where a ball had hit.
An' one night when the field was covered with the awful harvest o' war,
They found my boy 'mongst the martyrs o' the cause he was fightin' for.

His fingers was clutched in the dewy grass--oh, no, sir, he wasn't dead,
But he lay kind o' helpless an' crazy with a rifle-ball in his head;
An' he trembled with the battle-fear as he lay there in the dew;
An' he whispered as he tried to rise: "God'll take care o' you."

An officer wrote an' tol' us how the boy had been hurt in the fight,
But he said that the doctors reckoned they could bring him around all right.
An' then we heard from a neighbor, disabled at Malvern Hill,
That he thought in the course of a week or so he'd be comin' home with Bill.

We was anxious t' see him we'd set up an' talk o' nights
'Till the break o' day had dimmed the stars an' put out the northern lights,
We waited an' watched fer a month or more, the summer was nearly past,
When a letter came one day that said they'd started fer home at last.

I'll never fergit the day Bill come---'twas harvest time again---
An the air blown oveer the yeller fields was sweet with the scent o' the grain;
The dooryard was full o' the neighbors, who had come to share our joy,
An' all of us sent up a mighty cheer at the sight o' that soldier boy.

An' all of a sudden somebody said; "My God! don't the boy know his mother?"
An' Bill stood a-whisperin', fearful like, an' a-starin' from one to another;
"Don't be afraid, Bill," said he to himself, as he stood in his coat o' blue,
"Why, God'll take care o' you, Bill, God'll take care o' you."

He seemed to be loadin' an' firin' a gun, an' to act like a man who hears
The awful roar o' the battlefield a-soundin' in his ears;
Ten thousan' ghosts o' that bloody day was marchin' through his brain
An' his feet they kind o' picked their way as if they felt the slain.

An' I grabbed his hand, an' say I to Bill, "Don't ye 'member me?
I'm yer father--don't ye know me? How frightened ye seem to be!"
But the boy kep' a-whisperin' to himself, as if 'twas all he knew,
"God'll take care o' you, Bill, God'll take care o' you."

He's never known us since that day, nor his sweetheart, an' never will;
Father an' Mother an' sweetheart are all the same to Bill.
An' he groans like a wounded soldier, sometimes the whole night through,
An' we smooth his head an' say: "Yes, Bill, He'll surely take care o' you."

Ye can stop a war in a minute, but when can ye stop the groans?
Fer ye've broke our hearts an' sapped our blood an' plucked away our bones.
An' ye've filled our souls with bitterness that goes from sire to son,
So ye best be kind o' careful down there in Washington.

Written by Irving Bacheller

Whew! It's a sad poem but has a good heart to it.

Spoke with Adam and he was resting after being busy getting Millie over to the new (older) hospital there in Seattle. If you want to, she can have flowers there! The hospital's address is up on the right side of this blog. She can't look at them yet, but maybe she can smell them and sense that they are there. If she wakes up it will be so beautiful around her too.

Psssst, don't tell anyone I told you but ---here's just a little bit of something I picked up in Adam's talk today; a nurse at Providence said (before Mille left Providence) that she (the nurse) guessed Millie would be able to go home in about two weeks after shes been to the other hospital. That would be great! I would love to be able to visit her here in Alaska! She'd be back in time for the Native Musicale.

Day 52, almost as many days sleeping as she is old! What if --- she woke up on the day of her age. AWWWW, I wish!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy 'Home' Valentine!

We decided to stay home yesterday and cook together instead of joining the bunches and bunches of people at the restaurants. I made Doug, Marie and Kris a brownie heart dessert. You just bake two pieces of your cake/brownie; one in a round pan and one in a square. Then when they cool, cut the round one in half and put it on two edges of the square brownie/cake. Then frost it. Doug brought home some yummie Bryers (or is it Byers?) ice cream that went with it perfectly.

Doug also brought home steak, lobster, salad fixings. We broiled the steaks and boiled the lobster. He even carried in some chocolate covered strawberries too! What a bunch of treats we had yesterday! I haven't even ate anything today yet! It was a very good evening spent together as sweetheart,s and honey's, lol.

If you can, be sure and check out Doris' updates on her Mom's condition.

Adam just called. I asked him about Millie's breathing and she is breathing up to 14 hours without the ventilator. That is so very encouraging because when she can breath on her own, she won't need to be in a respiratory hospital which is scarce up here in Alaska. There will be a better chance of her coming back to Alaska sooner if she can breath totally on her own. Of course, the best is if she will just wake up! That's what we want. Adam said to say to everyone "Thank you for all your prayers."

Day 51

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

"In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free. The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Psalm 118:5-6

We all prayed in anguish yesterday and still even today, ever since Millie had her collapse. Once again, I was faced with the healing question and once again I am instructed in my heart, "... my ways are not your ways, ... my thoughts are not your thoughts." Once again, I prayed the LORD's prayer, "Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven."

It's Valentine's day today. A day when hearts are celebrated. If you are fortunate enough to have a thriving relationship this day is meant for you, for us. It is a day that is hard for some, those that don't have a loving relationship. Some stand in the shadows, smiling for us. I can't help but empathize with their hearts and wonder if they are not "happy." So it goes for another Valentine's day for me.

My sweetheart brought home these beautiful flowers yesterday. He cut their bottoms and I arranged them in this beautiful vase. My daughter Kim and her husband Tony gave it to us for Christmas this year. The roses smell so wonderful now. I am saddened to realize that already their gorgeous lives have begun to decay.

Things decay in this world. Our health decays everyday. Some faster than others, but we all are in this race to the end. For me, this is where Christ comes into the picture. Yes, this world decays but "He answered by setting me free." He has set us free from eternal decay. What a wonderful Valentine's gift from His heart to our hearts. The greatest Valentine gift, it's His love for us all which in the end... sets us free from eternal death. I am so thankful.

I hope you all have a great day making it a great day for your Valentine, and for all those that brush elbows with you.

Valentine's are for everyone, not just the 'in love crowd' --- Jesus made sure of that when He gave His life to secure an eternal life for ours.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should have everlasting life."

Thank you, Jesus Christ, for the greatest Valentine.

I have not heard from Adam yet today. I assume that he is busy returning his daughter Doris to her family in Oregon.

Day 50 --- Happy Valentine's Day Dear Millie, rest as long as you need to, we are backing you up in prayer. May God bless you and your whole family today with the deep heart comforts that only He gives. I love you ((((((Ahka)))))).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Pray for my sister Millie.

HISTORY: She had an anuerysm on December 27th and went into a coma. As this type of ailment is, it was a big surprise to the whole family. Still today we can't believe it has happened to her. She was taken by ambulance to Valley Regional then transported to Alaska Native Medical Center where they put the first drain into her skull. She was then flown by Lear jet to Seattle, Washington where she continues to be treated in Neuro Intensive Care.

Adam, her husband asked yesterday that we all pray together this evening around five p.m. Alaska time, and 6 pm Seattle time. Pray that the LORD will extend His Grace on her and her family; that her consciousness will be restored; that her mind will be alert and she would remember her family; her life and especially her God.

"Again, I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." Matthew 18:19 - 21. I realize that these verses in context were given while Jesus was teaching about sin and forgiveness of sins and being loosed from sins. I want to claim them as evidence of the gentle heart of Jesus Christ towards those that He loves. I believe that He loves Millie and her family and I believe He wants the best for all of them, He is all powerful and can restore her completely to us. I am praying that He will do that today.

Day 49.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday we were at the start of the Tesoro Iron Dog. That was fun. The weather was not too bad. I enjoyed watching all the snowmachine activities and I even did some knitting! The Tesoro Iron Dog's INTERACTIVE MAP is fun to check on your favorite racers with.

I made a new bonnet/cap for Raegan Mae. Marie had planned to have a few ladies over to visit and welcome Raegan so when I got home I quickly finished up the little hat and stuck it into a gift bag.

While I was sitting and knitting I looked up and there walking right past our truck was Martin Buser! I was so excited. I jumped out of the truck and went over and said, "Hi, Mr. Buser". lol I knew I must sound goofy but oh well! I asked him if I could get a picture with him and Doug took one of us. That made my day! (I will show the picture sometime, right now my camera is downstairs and I am upstairs, and I am tired.) I've been vacuuming and doing laundry all day.

Adam just called. He will be driving down to Oregon tomorrow to meet up with his daughter Doris and some friends of hers that want to come up to Seattle to lay their hands on Millie and pray for her. They are asking that everyone pray together that Millie would wake up. So tomorrow at about six, Seattle time. Please pray for Millie to wake up.

I talked into Millie's ear today.... she didn't even answer me!

Day 48

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Tesoro Iron Dog Race

I was plumb right in the middle of snowmachine heaven today. The Wasilla Sport Complex was full of all the racers that will be taking off tomorrow morning for a very long snowmachine ride! They all look very excited as I can imagine they would be! Today was their security check and I was there all day. Doug set up his Amsoil products in the vendor row. I went along just in case he needed me to help him. Most of that stuff is too heavy for me but, I arranged a few bottles of oil and passed out a couple of business cards.

If you want to tune in to the race it's ONLINE! I love online stuff, don't you? Anyway, some of the guys have GPS and you can actually track where they are. I see the site also has a web cam. Check it all out at the website. WWW.IRONDOG.ORG Our own Governor Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin will be running this year and we know some others too, so I won't be saying a favorite, just that may the best team win! And God keep you all safe. Governor Sarah Palin is supposed to be there in the morning to start the race!

Doug will be getting up early and heading out to Big Lake and the Islander to set up his booth again, I don't know if I will go. It's outdoors this time and I am not too keen on getting cold. I got cold today and we were inside! We will see tomorrow morning whether I will go or not. (Sarah will be there, it's more likely I will go.)

When I wake up and I hear him heading to the door I call to him, "Are you leaving now?" "Yep, in five minutes." "You want me to go with you?" "You want to go with me?" "Do you need me to go?" "Yes." "Okay, I will come!!!!! Wait for me!" Just like we did this morning. I was following him down the snowy sidewalk in five minutes.

Last night the ANSEP Banquet "Honoring our Partners" we had such a nice time! It was a fun evening. Besides getting to see a lot of people that have had a major part in Klint's life during his schooling and all the fun games they played, we also saw two dance groups perform.

One was an Eskimo dance group named "Miracle Drummers & Dancers" and the other was a group from Metlakatla called "Lepquinm Gumiligit Gagoadim." I emailed "Evergreen" when I got home and told her about the group from her hometown. She asked the name of the group and of course I didn't remember! I didn't remember a name like that!

UAA's ANSEP (Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program) is excellent. Helping Native American students succeed in the Sciences and Engineering studies. It was praised profusely by very grateful high achieving students and their college leaders. The efforts made through the support of very generous sponsors appears to be working very well towards providing an environment that encourages the Native American students to achieve. Before this program was started most of these students faltered and sadly many of them did not finish to the end in this area of study courses.

Our son Klint will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering/Specialization in Electrical Engineering degree this spring. *POP* We are so proud of his determination *POP* to finish the course. He has done all this by securing scholarships and working to pay *POP* for his own schooling. About all that we, his parents, did was to provide a place for him and his wife to freely live. FINALLY we can say, "Good job Mr. Klinton VanWingerden, we are so proud of you." *POP* *POP* *Picking up buttons*

Now, can we have a baby? No, just kidding. hehehe

Sounds like Millie is moving around and making faces lately; frowning when they touched the finger that is sore from checking her blood every two hours. They might move her to the other hospital on Monday, or they might not! That was the update on her today - from Adam.

Day 46 is almost over.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I got a call from my Dr yesterday with the CT scan results. He said that there were two areas of the scan they were concerned about; he suggested that an MRI be scheduled, but before we did that he wanted to talk to the Radiologist again and possibly contact Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital where I had the micro-vascular decompression surgery in 2002. He told me to hang tight and that he would call me again in the morning.

So I've been hangin'! This morning he says, after all of that we will cancel the MRI plan. He and the radiologist felt that after reconsidering my scan no further study of these two areas will be needed.

I am quite thankful this morning after wondering about all this since Tuesday. Now I feel like I have a new zing in my life! I am thankful for just plain ol' headaches! Isn't it great to have a plain ol' headache? I mostly wanted to know my veins were healthy and he said that my veins are all good! I am thanking the LORD this morning.

The two areas they were at first concerned about was the cyst. I already have known that I have an arachnoid cyst. I can't remember the exact spot, it was pointed out to me in 2002. I have learned that this sort of cranial cyst is an abnormality which is formed during the gestational period!!! So, I have already lived with this for my whole life! The second area in question are the teflon pads which were put in place to stop the nerves near the brain stem from touching each other. The seventh cranial nerve was embedded in my brain and somehow was resulting in spasms which traveled to my face, mouth and throat causing twitching that contorted my face, changed my speech and had begun to move to my neck, all on the left side. I had 'the surgery' and have been enjoying a quiet face ever since. Until you have lived for years with a face that goes into violent spasm whenever you laugh, cry, sing and speak you don't realize the blessing it is to smile, laugh, talk and cry quietly! Let me advise you... be thankful! Thank you God for the wisdom you have given to men and thank you Dr J & Dr. Casey for pursuing expertise in this area!

So, my body is not perfect but who else's is? We all live in a decaying world and we must live life as best as we can. I listened to TV this morning and the first blind guy to climb Mt. Everest! Erik Weihenmayer. 29,000 feet up! He made it all the way up there! I know he did that with help of some very good friends or guides. While I was reading about him I ran across a story of how other climbers stepped over a fellow climber of Mt Everest and then proceeded to summit. Others left him to die on the path. So this is a very grueling hobby. One that I have no desire to pursue! Erik desired to be up there and he could not even see the view, but he says he can feel/sense it.

Erik said something about when adversity comes into our lives, we can either burden others with our troubles or we can rise up, overcome it, and then use it to inspire others on to accomplish big things in their lives. (My own words but you get the idea.) I thought his were very good words. See Erik Weihenmayer's accomplishments. Or go to his own website: Touch The Top. Some people are so incredible; he is one of them. He has written several books which you can find at his site too.

Millie has not moved to the other hospital yet. Doris said her nurses sat her up! She has been continuing to get blood thinners for clots in her arms and legs.

Day 45

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To Move Or Not To Move!

Ruth, Millie, Marie (my daughter), Me and Kotya at the Howling Huskies Gospel Festival. (Another picture from my sister.) I just talked with Adam. Millie won't be moving today and probably not for three to four more days yet. She is running a slight fever. Her physicians do not want to move her when she has any additional problems. Adam said that besides that the nurses have become attached to Millie and don't want to see her leave.

Millie has fewer connections than when my sisters and I were out there. She has her feeding tube, fluids and antibiotics IV's. She only gets 30% assist with her breathing too. That means that 70% of her breathing is her own work now. Thank the GOOD LORD for her progress. Adam also said that her eyes are moving around a lot (sounds to me like REM sleep); he thought that she always did that just before she would wake up.

For those of you that have asked about helping financially with whatever Adam needs he has a new Wells Fargo account where contributions can be made. That checking account number is 5076514362. I read Doris update and saw that she has posted the same thing that Adam told me to pass on: "He cherishes the prayer support more than the financial support."

I also contacted the Regional Hospital to get an address for Millie when she gets there for anyone that wants to send her cards or whatever. I just received a reply from Barbara Hostetler, Associate Administrator and Chief Nursing Officer there. She gave me this address to share here. When Millie gets an actual room assigned that will be added to her address then too. Barbara wrote: "We're looking forward to providing the best care possible for your sister and to meet you as well." The staff welcomes any visits from family and friends while Millie will be there.

Mildred Aposik
The Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care
12844 Military Road S
Seattle, Washington

But, she is not there yet! I will continue to update here about Millie when she moves, for those of you that cannot access Doris' update site.

Prayer request for me! I am getting a CT scan done today ---just to be sure my headaches have nothing to do with what Millie has gone through. This sort of trouble tends to run in families, so my doctor wants to make sure all is good up there before he just gives me a new pain killer prescription. Thanks for your prayers.

Day 42

Monday, February 05, 2007

Seattle's Regional Hospital - For Respiratory & Complex Care

Restoring quality of life.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of our patients' lives. The patients we care for are acutely ill -- typically being cared for in an intensive care unit. They are not ready to be discharged from an acute hospital setting, but could benefit from a new level of care in a more pleasant environment. Some of these patients will recover fully and return to their previous lifestyles. For others, our goal is to help them reach full potential within the limitations of their illness.

Sounds good to me and that's where Millie will probably be heading tomorrow. I wish she was coming back to Alaska, but if she has to go somewhere other than home, that looks like a good place. You can visit their site here.

My sister Kotya sent this picture to me today. Millie with her bashful smile on the left.

Day 41

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Believe

Woodpecker eating on a new suet feeder.

Woodpecker dropped and flew off.

Accident on Parks Highway today.

I woke up several times ---early this morning. Finally, I got up to go to the bathroom and it was light enough to look out the window. I could see nothing! The fog was thick as cotton. I said a prayer for the people driving on the highways because I knew it had to be hard to see. I said another one as I got ready for church when I began to hear the fire trucks and emergency vehicles responding somewhere on the highway.

As Doug drove us to church we saw an ugly accident. I said a prayer for the family going through this horror so early in the morning. Not that the time of day makes any accident or trauma any worse or any easier to take, it just seemed a horrible way to begin the day.

We drove past a helicopter waiting to fly the accident victim or victims to medical help. I prayed they would be safe as they flew there. Then my thoughts returned to my dear sister.

It's been forty days since the aneurysm happened to Millie and the thoughts of what is to come for her still fill my mind and my other sisters and brothers minds.

I don't worry.

I am not worried. Am I worried to wonder about her situation?

I learned in church this morning that when we worry we are being disobedient to God's words, "Do not worry..." I have questioned myself today. Am I worrying to wonder where and how Millie will be in the next days, weeks, months and possibly years as she works to return to how we knew her before this?

I find that it is easy to put her well-being into His hands. I know without a shadow of doubt that if He wanted to she could be healed right now. She could wake up and be totally restored. I don't believe that my believing hard enough will change her circumstances.

If I have to believe harder, isn't that putting the miracle of her healing back into my own power? If I don't believe hard enough, then she won't be healed. So now, it does not depend on God, but it depends on how hard I believe that she will be healed.

Does God's Word mean that here on Earth we all will be perfectly healthy? Or does all this scripture speak of a time that I don't totally understand? Maybe it's referring to one day in the future?

I believe that one day long time ago in mankind's history something went dreadfully wrong, then we were thrown into a downward spiral with brought us sickness, unhappiness, and eternal death in this earthly life. Then, just like a super hero story, Jesus Christ came to Earth, lived, died and then rose again and through all His sacrifice, we will get there--- to the next life where we shall see total healing and restoration.

I know there are times in this life that God shows His mighty power. I have read stories of it. I believe He does this in this world to show those without His written Word that the story of His Son, Jesus Christ is the Truth! We have the written Word of God and He requires of us that we believe His Story in order to enter into the eternal life He has secured for all people.

I believe Jesus Christ's story.

If my sister should be restored to us fully and immediately, there would be such rejoicing in the lands of her family and friends! Praises would be given to our Creator. If she isn't, there will continue to be faith in God, in Jesus Christ that someday, not only she will be restored, but we all will be restored to what mankind was created for---- full and total fellowship with God Himself! This is what I believe.

Adam said that Millie will be moved from Swedish Medical Center to another hospital about 15 minutes from there, Regional Hospital. Her daughters Debbie and Courtney will be flying home to Alaska Monday evening. Debbie will be visiting her family up here before returning to her family in Maryland in a week. Please pray for their safe travels. Millie was taken off of antibiotics but is put back on that IV when she began to run a fever. Adam also said Millie needed more anesthesia for her last surgery than she needed previously (shunt surgery) so they said that shows she is more aware of her body. She continues to move a lot more!

40 days.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chewy, Birds, Moose & The Fuel Man

I was watching Chewy watching the birds this morning. I woke up before light, went downstairs to make coffee and while I peeked out the window I saw two black spots out on the hill. Moose!

I went outside on the deck with my robe, and sock slippers and tried to get pictures. Chewy ran out right behind me; all morning since he has been chasing the chickadees and red polls around on the deck. He is so funny. Soon he starts whining because he can't catch anything.

I went from window to window watching him and the moose, taking pictures.

Lots of time passed and I never got dressed but laughed, sipped on some good, hot coffee and took pictures.

Soon here comes a big truck, the phone rings, it's someone asking: "Where is the Amsoil additive your husband wants added to the stove oil tank?" I know where that is but I want to run and get dressed but here comes the man that needs it! So, I put on my most laid back, this is the way it is look and walked outside in my robe and sock slippers to give him what he needed.

"Good morning! How are you today?"

"I am doing good, thank you," I said while I handed him the stuff and hurried back inside, remembering the whole time that I had decided I would attempt to share something about myself to the next person that asks "how are you" because all my usually quiet self ever thinks to say is "good" in reply.

"Hi, how are you?"

Do people really expect a reply to that or is it just a greeting? This morning, my reply was a quick answer to a greeting!

(Doug had sent a "heads up" via email about the fuel guy coming this morning but I didn't turn on my computer until after 11 today.)

Millie has been resting 37 days today.