Monday, April 17, 2006

Make Me An Offer!

I ran across this INTERESTING STORY online and just for fun I thought I would put something up for exchange myself!

So, would anyone out there want to trade something for this butterfly amulet bag? One side has a blue butterfly and the other is a yellow. The bag is peyote stitch. It is twisted fringe with Delica and Czech beads. It would be a great gift! (It has a $95.00 value.)

Make your trade offers here. Make me an offer I can't refuse! All offers will be considered.

We had a very good Easter day. After we went to church the Grandkids came up here and went looking for the 98 filled eggs we hid (Doug and I).

AJ found the most eggs with 32! Some of the eggs had numbers so they won some small gifts afterwards. Then I made them all breakfast and we ate the Easter bread my sister brought to me at church. Yummi bread Mil!

After that we had dinner at Kim's and then went on to the highlight of the day which was watching our first Grandchild Alexis get baptized! I am very thankful to see the grace of God being extended to the Grandkids! There were 12 people total that were baptized yesterday!

So, did you think of anything to trade with me yet??? :-)))) Authentic Alutiiq made handcraft! hmm? hah?


akeskileut said...

Praise the Lord for your grandchild..I'm so happy for all.
I'm glad you enjoyed the bread. I thank you very much for your delicious bread as well.
Any takers on the purse yet?

Constance said...

Is there anything sweeter than seeing your children and then grandchildren come to Christ? There is no "job" more meaningful and of lasting, eternal value; than influencing your loved ones that HE has entrusted to you to a saving knowledge of Christ! PTL!

I'm going to see if I can trade anything worthwhile for your bag? How about cleaning services? I think it'd be a far drive for me though! Ha Ha!

Connie Marie said...

I would seriously consider trading for cleaning services! :-)
Especially if you do windows! ha!