Friday, April 07, 2006

Love Comes Early!

Snow is still around. It gets cold at night. The wind still blows and makes my ears hurt....but!!!! The birds are nesting! Well the magpies are.

We have a couple that have decided an old burned spruce tree beside a bushy tree will be a good place to have a twiggy house. I am excited and have taken some pictures but don't want them to abandon the nest so I have been keeping my distance.

I moved this computer downstairs so I can keep a close eye on my granddaughters who will be staying here until Sunday. Their parents went to Arctic Man, a snowmachine/ski race. (Here is a picture page from Arctic Man.) I won't be uploading any bird nest pictures until I am moved back to my computer room.

My mother-in-law says that she loves these birds. They are a noisy bird and when they go through with their new babes after they have grown they sure can make a lot of racket!

I am including a picture of them from what used to be called Percieva and is now I didn't get to listen to any bird call that I wanted there because they say... abuse of their site. So, bummer!

Anyway, I will post pictures of these black and white guys sometime after Sunday. I am hoping I will be able to get some cool shots while their family is growing.

Right now they have been busy gathering sticks and stuffing them into the trees branches. They have a big collection now.

Nest Material: Made of sticks, mud, and thorny material.
My granddaughters keep us busy. Today my daughter stayed home from work to be sure I didn't get worn out. She is so sweet. I have been fighting a bad cough and sore throat. I guess my coughing this morning made her decide to take a day off. I really appreciate it even though I know I could have managed these girls! I think our granddaughter's have more fun when Marie is home though. She pulled out her make-up and did their faces up then had a photo-shoot. They had a great time. I will post some of those pictures too someday.

Spring is definitely making a good appearance here. I even watched "twitter-pated" woodpeckers darting here and there too!

Love is definitely in the air around here.


Kerri said...

Around these parts, spring means rain. It's definitely spring today! I've been noticing robins and other birds lately. We have swans in our lake. Berry bushes and trees are starting to bud. I love this time of year. I think I need to invest in an umbrella, though. hehe

Your daughter sounds sweet. So do the grand-daughters. :o)

Connie Marie said...

Dad liked to watch for the robins then see which one of us would hear the robin's first. I miss him a lot.

I am wondering if having a pair of nesting magpies around will chase off all the songbirds... hmmm?!

The only buds we have around here are the little kitty feets! :-)

Covered porches sure make rain so much easier to live with.

My daughter is a sweetie. I don't know how she has avoided marriage so long! She says she loves being single and loves being an Aunt. She is definitely a grrrrrreat Aunt! Everybody loves Marie!

akeskileut said...

I hear the birds in the morning and thru out the day, but I don't see any nesting going on here,but then again I haven't been watching to head is bent down knitting to much!
Aaaaw, that was so nice of Marie to stay home and help out with the granddaughters.Hope you feel better soon..((((hugs))))!!

Connie Marie said...

Thanks (((((((Sis))))))))))

Constance said...

The birds have been pretty noisy down here. It's been nice enough to have had the windows open at night and as soon as it starts getting light out, their bird voices are raised in a mighty chorus!!!

The state bird of Texas is the Mockingbird and they are pretty funny to watch. One that lives nearby, watches and waits from the neighbor's carport and swoops down and "rushes" the neighbors cat when he walks by. It's hilarious. At least it is until they start swooping after my son when he's out cutting the grass!