Sunday, April 23, 2006

Knuckle Down by 1/3

Well, Doug managed to hurt himself again! This time he ended up in the hospital. He was working with a grinder on a log for this house and it kicked back and cut his left index finger really bad.

He shaved the bone on both sides of the knuckle and lost 1/3 of his knuckle too. Dr. Mark Clyde cleaned out the knuckle and sewed him up during sugery at 12:30 A.M. (accident happened at 4 PM) and he was back in his room at 3:15 A.M. After we saw the doctor and heard his report my daughter and I went home for sleep.

He is concerned about whether or not he will be able to play bass guitar with this damage. I am not so concerned since the evening he was released from our new MatSu Valley Regional Medical Center he managed to make practice! Bandages and all! His playing sounded pretty good too, even if he was using only two fingers. (His pinky and ring fingers.) P.S. I still have Christmas lights hanging downstairs, hehe.

This was the first time we were in our new local hospital. The emergency clinic seemed really slow for being the ones dealing with an emergency. But I will give them a break and admit that just as we got there three ambulances were scheduled to arrive and then one motorcycle victim came in while we waited. I guess a mangled knuckle is not high priority.

When Doug was admitted and prepared for surgery (about 10:30 p.m.) they wheeled him up to a room and the service on second floor was incredible! The nurses and doctors we encountered while there were great! Their great bedside manner sure changed our whole attitude towards the new hospital when they showed kindness and concern while actually helping Doug! I don't think it's being selfish to say --- we felt waiting over an hour in the emergency just to be screened was too long. There were three of us waiting to be seen by the nurse doing the screening and only one sick baby a head of Doug. I think they started hopping when they saw the blood beginning to ooze out of the bandage Doug had wrapped around his hand... while he put his tools away and carried the log into the shop!!!!!

Doug was the first person to stay in Room 240 on the second floor of the new hospital. In the hospital the patient orders food from the kitchen when he/she is hungry rather than there being a set time for meals being served! So it's kind of like being in a hotel! Guest's can also order meals and eat with the patient.

Here is a close up of his finger! The middle finger just got gouged! It is just a regular ol' cut, says Doug, but the doctor stuck a few stitches into that too.

Send him a get well note HERE! (hehehe)


akeskileut said...

Sorry to hear about Doug. He is in our thoughts and prayers..ty for sharing the info...hugs sis!!

Constance said...

Wow and oh my Gosh!!! Get well soon Doug!!! If my son Charles cut his fingers that badly, I don't know that he could play his guitar and that would probably be the end of his world! Speedy recovery!!!
Sister In Christ,

budda43 said...

Hey Connie,

I saw your comment on Jill Homer's blog about cyclists in the road and felt like I should come and leave a comment for you.

Cyclists actually have every right in 99% of municipalities to ride in the road. That's right, on your side of the white line. That's because the shoulder is often too narrow or too dangerous to be ridden safely upon. If you come across a cyclist in the road and cannot safely pass - you are required by law to slow down and wait until it is safe to do so. Usually, this will cause you a 10-15 second delay.

I hope that doesn't ruin your day, but if it does, sorry.

The long and short of it is that cyclists are to be treated just like any other slow moving vehicle on the road. Be it tractor, large truck, or otherwise, a cyclist has every right and responsibility that you do when out on the roads.

Thanks for the flip side perspective and stay safe out there!

Connie Marie said...

Hi budda.

I usually stop by Jill's site to see her latest pictures and I would have seen your comment there just as easily as here, but thanks for taking the time!

If you reread my comment I am one of the motorists that does slow down for cyclists. :-) ... and I usually go way out and around them too.

So, you be careful out there ---for the motorists that don't really care whether you get blown into the ditch or not on those "often too narrow or too dangerous to be ridden safely upon" roads!

Kerri said...

Hi Connie, I guess it's warming up down here. The sun shines, but the temps are still in the low 40's most of the time. I don't mind, though, and the kids don't seem to either. :o)