Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Too Cold

Huslia, Alaska, -20F
What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf?
"You hang around while I go on ahead."

This picture was taken while Alaska Freedom Band was in Huslia, Alaska and the temperature was -20F. The sled is loaded with the Band's guitars and gear. The snowmachine had taken the place of dogs in a lot of villages. (Don't have to feed them.) I see more dogs and sleds here in my own backyard than I have seen in any villages! Which reminds me, the Great Iditarod Sled Dog Race is coming up real quick too! (March).

Even with Augustine spouting off occasionally we are not in any danger of getting too warm up here! Last night Doug and I drove to Anchorage and attended the Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship meeting. They meet every monday night for singing and testimonies of Jesus Christ in thier lives. Was a very good meeting.

On the 60+ mile drive home we watched as the temperature dropped from -8F in Anchorage to -18F here at Twin Lake. I am very thankful for the garage that we can pull into to avoid having to run from the car to the house, wait for the house key to open the door and jump inside as quickly as possible.

The trip to Glenallen, Gulkana, Mentasta and Copper Center was great. We gained 644 miles on the Impala during the past weekend, with the trip to Anchorage we added over 700 miles. AND!!!!! I forgot my camera! Although, it was actually a nice change not be always wondering if I should take a picture or not. But, 700 miles of pictures...

I saw great shots all the way up and all the way home. Take my word for it, beautiful pictures but I definitely would not want to be camping out there! Too cold! No caribou. We saw moose, but I wanted to see a HUGE herd of caribou that I always have only heard about and never have seen --- yet. Well when I traveled to Prudhoe Bay one year I saw many, many caribou, but have never seen a herd crowding across the highways like my husband grew up seeing. (The Cantwell area.) That's what I want to see someday. I HOPE I remember my camera if I ever do!

Alaska Freedom Band is a gospel singing bunch that desires to travel to remote villages and towns that ache for spiritual refreshment and fellowship. The meetings in the Glenallen area were not only refreshing to the villagers but to the Band as well. I have learned that this is the normal way things go with traveling to share. The ones that share with singing and testimonies return home happy to have been with the Christian's in other towns.

Have not had time to check in with the volcano but we listened to the radio a lot and if there was something exciting going on I am sure we would have heard.

My daughters Marie and Karla are on the East Coast (North Carolina) today and will return February 5. I am sure Marie will return with many pictures from there too. So, smile North Carolina!


Kerri said...

Sometimes it's nice to be able to just enjoy the ride and not have to worry about the "next perfect shot". Maybe one of the others has pictures to share with you. :o)

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. It's still not very cold down here. We got into the lower 30's for about a day...then warmed back up again.

akeskileut said...

It was a nice time up the highway. I got a few pics maybe I'll post them on my blog..but not to many nature pics. Now it is so cold here..brrr!

mrsjojo said...

Where is Huslia? I have heard of it but not sure where that is.
I'm looking forward to the photos that akeskileut is going to post on her blog.
I'm sure the people in Copper and surrounding area were glad to have the band there.
Stay warm!! It is -20 here today.

Connie Marie said...

Hi Jo,

Huslia is in the interior along the Koyukuk-Kuskokwim River. Huslia is the home of "Huslia Hustler" George Attla. The story "Spirt of the Wind" is about him and his dogs, the champion sled sprinters.

The distressing thing about Huslia is the river that keeps eating away their town. Scary!