Monday, January 09, 2006


Today Is Very Boring

Today is very boring,
it's a very boring day,
there is nothing much to look at,
there is nothing much to say,
there's a peacock on my sneakers,
there's a penquin on my head,
there's a dormouse on my doorstep,
I am going back to bed.

Today is very boring,
it is boring through and through,
there is absolutely nothing
that I think I want to do,
I see giants riding rhinos,
and an ogre with a sword,
there's a dragon blowing smoke rings,
I am positively bored.

Today is very boring,
I can hardly help but yawn,
there's a flying saucer landing
in the middle of my lawn,
a volcano just erupted
less than half a mile away,
and I think I felt an earthquake,
it's a very boring day.

Written by Jack Prelutsky
From the book "A Family of Poems"
By Caroline Kennedy

I am in the Compose of this blog's editing. I hope I don't have to do any html fixing. I just want it to work right when I compose from here and don't have to go back and add anything to make it appear just as I have typed it in. I hope it works. If it doesn't .... then I will fix it because I won't be able to just leave it.

Mount Augustine has been steaming. Here is a good site for looking at volcanoes in Alaska. The Alaska Volcano Observatory also has volcano webcams set up for watching. Maybe you will see the steam, if the clouds ever clear up enough for the steam to show up. Mt. Spur is closer to our area than Augustine.

Our son Kris said that he was given information on how to be prepared in case there is an eruption at work. He works with Southcentral Foundation Headstart in Anchorage. So he needs to know how to care for the children if they need to be protected from volcano fall-out.

The most I have ever seen during an eruption is ash. Not much either. But it is hard on the vehicles finish, so I hear. Saw many using face masks during that time, we just spent time indoors. It sort of looked like snow, but dirty snow.

Mom told me that they used to go and get clumps of pumice from the Katmai volcanic eruption many years back. The ash covered a lot of Kodiak Island (before she was born) and so the remains of Katmai became part of their childhood. They used the pumice to clean pots and scrub the tops of their oil stoves. I remember even using it myself when I was young, but I don't remember ever see any of that when we were out and about. I believe that by my time it was found floating along beaches after big storms.

My days have not been boring, in the normal sense of boring, not the "boring" in the above poetry.

I finished the guitar strap and now i wait for Doug to return so I can see him hook it up to his guitar. I have begun a new project.

The family continues to come and go, we had dinner together and played games last night until late.

I am reading two books, "The Voyage of the Damned" and "Bijabobi". The first is about the crew and passengers of the St. Louis. Mostly about the Captain and the Jew's wishing to emigrate from Germany. The second is about a brave, young 22 year old girl who is rowing up to Alaska along the West Coast.

Back to laundry and vacuuming...

Today is very boring,
it is boring through and through,
there is absolutely nothing
that I think I want to do...
P.S. I had to edit this goofy blog.grrrrr...


Constance said...

Cute poem! I get irritated at my blog at times. I've noticed that after I post a journal entry or pics, it doesn't show up automatically until *12 hours later. If I click on the current month in the archives, I'll see it. If I am on your site for example and click on my blogsite, it'll come up. However, just going straight to my own site, I won't see it for a long time. I can't figure that one out!

akeskileut said...

Thanks for the web site for observing the volcanoes. Yeah we stayed indoors when we got that last volcano fallout.
Have a good day.