Thursday, January 26, 2006

Icy Sparkles

"Keep moving your eyes or they might freeze." ~Mom (Said while experiencing such cold winters in Anchorage.)

As we drove home from Wasilla last night we watched the temperatures plunge by twos. -19, -20, -22, -24, -26. It dropped all the way down to -28 before it went back up to -26 at the house. This morning it was -30. Brrrrrr!

I don't remember winters as cold in Old Harbor. I do remember one morning before school started we all ran to the Lagoon because there was ice there! That was ocean water too, I believe it has to be very cold for salt water to freeze.

We used to ice skate from home to the skating rink when the conditions were just right. Ice all over the place.

Whenever ice-skating comes up my younger sister Kotya tells the story about when we were skating, she stumbled over some pebbles in the ice, fell, and sprained her ankle.

According to her story, when she began to cry out loud I was more concerned about the boys hearing her and I told her she should cry quieter.


Okay, so a blemish in my past. I admit I have always been very stoic and self-conscious, and even self-conscious for my sisters too and all in the name of pride. sigh

Anyway, back to the story.

I managed to get a sled, bring it back and then we got her sitting on it. I tried very unsuccessfully to pull her. With ice-skates on and I was not doing very good. I had to ask her to help me by pushing with her good foot.

We made it home with much effort from both of us. Ever since then she has Weather-Change Forecasts broadcasting loud and clear from that ankle. My poor sister.

Going to make tacos tonight. Off to the store for some extra cheese...


Debbie said...

LOL, I like this blog entry, it's fun to read :). Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Deborah Lynn

akeskileut said...

Hehe,I enjoyed this story. Keep warm Sis. This morning it is -25!

LJ said...

Thank you for your comment on my bead site, Connie Marie (littletinybeads.blogspot)- Yes I wear the cuffs and will try to get a photo to post. Stay tuned for a framed piece I'm doing that I'm excited VERY excited about.
AND I have to tell you that the picture at the top of this entry is absolutely breath-taking, magical. I enjoyed reading your post and will visit again when it isn't 5:51 a.m. and time to get ready for work!

Constance said...

Hey There!
I've been meaning to come back and leave a comment the last week but other stuff just keeps geting in the way. I love reading your posts!The mental picture I had of you pulling and your sister trying to help push the sled with her good foot gave me a real chuckle! Tacos sound good. I found that for my family, it's cheaper to run to Taco Bell and buy them by the time I get all of the ingredients at the store! Of course there's something about home-made. I grilled and BBQ'd yesterday since I have to appear for Jury Duty this AM. I mad enough for a couple of days since I don't know if I'll get picked. I kind of hope not b/c I have a lot to get done before my next trip back to MO when the baby comes!