Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Spiderman Shoes!

Today is Doug's birthday. We are going to have a taco feed and I just put in two blueberry pies. While I prepared the pies I thought about the beautiful weekend we had together when Doug and I picked the blueberries. First batch we picked in Thompson Pass on a return trip from Valdez. The second batch we stopped at Puritan Creek along the Glenn Highway and picked some more. What a hot day that was! Yesterday I asked him what kind of pies he wanted. "What kind do you want to make?" That is how he is, never imposing, always tries to be sure he is never demanding of anything! Even his birthday dinner meal or dessert! I replied and asked, "How about blueberry pie?" "Won't you use up all your berries?" Anyway, the pies are baking and I decided to share this story about Gramppa Doug and shoes. Tucker came over one day and he was so excited about his shoes. "Look Gramppa! I have Spiderman shoes!" "Wow! Look at those," said Doug. They admired the shoes a bit and then Doug said, "Look at my Spiderman shoes!" Tucker stopped and looked, got quiet and stared at Gramppa's worn out shoes. Then he said, "Those are not Spiderman shoes, Gramppa!" "They aren't???" "No!" Then after a few more seconds of staring and thinking about them, Tucker says, "Those are Batman shoes!" Happy birthday to the best man in the whole wide world! I love you Dougie.


akeskileut said...

aaaaaaaw, that was a nice story about Grandpa and!
Happy Birthday Doug!

Kerri said...

Happy birthday to Doug! I hope you all enjoy the tacos and pies. Yum!

Constance said...

Birthday Greetings Doug from the Lone Star State!

In June I picked wild blackberries for a few hours and then made a blackberry pie for Dave for Father's Day. The pleasure it brought was worth the thorns and brambles!

Connie Marie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. He said he had a great evening. The kids were all here 'cept for Kim's husband. Almost enough here for a whole family shot!

Connie, the blueberries we pick up here are pretty easy to pick. We picked from two types of blues, low bush and then a medium high bush. Picking from both we found a spot with a lot and then sat and picked and visited.

We don't have to cope with "thorns and brambles" like you did when you picked wild blackberries.

Everyone enjoyed the pie and ice cream. Doug gave the grandkids a thrill when he blew out his candle by taking a huge deep breath, holding it a long time as they stared and then blowing really hard all of a sudden.

Doug said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings. It was a very excellant party with wonderful food. The pie's were so great and one was still unfinished when I had to return to work for two weeks. It was hard to leave it but didn't think it would pack in my bag very well. My wife is very generous with her comments about me. She is really the hero of our story.

Lizy said...

Nice story!!!!!!Good Post!Your Shoes looks very awesome.