Friday, November 11, 2005


It's snowing in Big Lake, Alaska!
Our youngest grandson, Baby Calvin is smiling like how I am feeling!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Kerri said...

Our snow is more like sleet. I want real snow! You're lucky and that is one adorable grandson you have! :o)

akeskileut said...

Wow , you got more snow then me right now..after I read your post it made me want to pull out that song.."Let it Snow" or maybe listen to it.:-) Baby is so handsome!

Constance said...

First off, Calvin STILL has those beautiful eyes just like in your last picture of him!

I am SO jealous!!! Here in Texas, it's cooled off a little. I'm not contemplating running the A/C anymore but it's still warm enough to have all the windows open. Even overnight! We might get down into the 30's Tues night or Wed night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I told Dave we haven't even got to use the fireplace yet! I love having a fireplace!

I remember that you have a log cabin. We are hoping to go that route in about 10+ years when Dave retires. We're looking to buy land possibly in Wyoming. Any suggestions or helpful hints, links etc for a log cabin home owner (voice of experience)?

Connie Marie said...

Log house living is different. The cracks and groans that come with weather change as extreme as Alaska's is something to get used to. I do love my log home though.

We used local cottonwood three-sided logs on this place. We have had A LOT of shrinking and settling to live with and still living with. My major advice... make sure the logs are cut and set to dry for a long time before using them.

I picked up so many log home magazines, cut out pictures of ideas that I liked and put them into a scrap book. Looking at floor plans helped me draw the final floor design too.

EXCELLENT blueprints! Make sure you have those. We, unfortunately, skimped on that, hired a friend to draw them to save money. We would not do that again.

Covered decks are extremely well-used. I love them so much. If you can plan for one or two, make sure you have at least one that is big enough to keep a table with chairs. Eating out there with friends -- builds so many great memories.

I will have to direct your builder husband to mine for the "voice of experience" for any other actual building information.

Here are some pictures of our home. Some pictures are older. We continue to complete building ---as we save. Our Home.

~~~~~~ waves to ahka & kerrie ~~~~~

Connie Marie said...

One more time!
Our Home.

Constance said...

Thanks for the link to your cabin pictures. What fun! My Sweetie is not "carpentry-inclined" so we will have a builder actually do the job for us. I've looked on line at a few builder's websites and found a few floorplans that I really like. I like your idea of putting together a scrapbook of ideas that you found that you liked. I should probably do that as well. I have a "vision" of what I would like but I guess money will be the ultimate determining factor. Big covered porches are a must in my opinion-I want to be able to sit outdoors and watch the wildlife, even if it's just the squirrels! Ha Ha! As a little girl I would visit my grat grandmother and I remember her having a porch swing where I would sit and swing and read books. Gotta have one of those! Thanks for sharing!