Saturday, November 12, 2005

OK, I Felt That!

Earthquake. It was only 4.08 but felt like it was right under the house. One big jolt. Recent Earthquakes.


akeskileut said...

Ken called me and let me know they felt the earthquake.I was in Town.

Kerri said...

Better you than me. Actually, I'd rather nobody felt them. The two I remember feeling were not pleasant!

Constance said...

Growing up in Missouri we always heard about the New Madrid Fault and how in the early 1800's an earthquake changed the course of the Mississippi River to wear it actually turns north for a short distance. Whe I was a kid, in 1971 I think, St Louis had a minor earthquake. It was a Sat morning and I was watching cartoons. I remember wondering how come the house was rocking up & down? Fortunately, that's been the extent of my first-hand experience with earthquakes!