Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lazy Snow

Front PorchSnowy logsThe CabinMelting Twin LakeSnowy plantsSnowy day

We had a busy night. We had snow yesterday then it warmed up and turned into a stormy, rainy, noisy night. I was woke up several times from the wind hitting the house and the rain on the window.

There was another earthquake.

Soon after that we were woke up by a sharp, static noise coming from downstairs.

Doug checked it out and found that while the rain was being blown against the house, it somehow had worked it's way into the top of the kitchen window, through the trim and then began to drip on the radio/tape recorder I keep there. That began to short out and that is what we heard.

Soon after that it quieted down, the snow resumed and we fell asleep.

The lazy snow kept on all day today.

Very pretty and thankfully it is not extremely cold.


Kerri said...

I love the pictures! I hope you get some restful sleep tonight. I'm glad the radio didn't spark a fire or anything.

akeskileut said...

Nice pics. We got about 6 inches of snow. I hear Christmas music in the distance!:-)

Kevin Jensen said...


Now why doesn't it surprise me that you blog? :) You have attained some mad skillz, Constance...I continue to be impressed. Nice blog, well done!
I'll put it on my fave list.