Monday, November 07, 2005

January Weather!

It's so cold this morning. -10 F but feels like it is worse. My hood even froze while I stood outdoors waiting for Chewy to do his business. The house is even cracking and popping (log house). This is January, February weather!

As I stood outside freezing, I thought of the words Mom used to tell us: "Pray that your flight be not in the winter." I know it is part of prophecy but I don't really understand what it means. I don't know who's flight it is. I can clearly see the mercy of God showing through.

We have had the wood stove going full blast today. I am so thankful for fire today. What a blessing. I pray that those without shelter will go to the shelters set up for them in the cities.

So many natural disasters. I cried when I heard on the radio this morning about Evansville, Indiana. Considering all the talk one hears about abortions and the horrible fact that so many babies are destroyed before they even see the light of day, I was interested to read that "Authorities also are counting as a fifth death the 8-month-old fetus of one of the victims." God bless those authorities for that right statement.

Stay warm Alaska and remember to pray for the ones dealing with this new natural disaster in Indiana!

"And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter." Mark 13:18

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Constance said...

I was shocked when I saw what your temperature is! If you can believe this, we are once again having record high temperatures here in North Texas. All my windows are open and it's 85 degrees out. I'm not bragging-I'm actually sick and tired of this never ending heat! It's November for Pete's sake and I'm out in shorts and a tank top!

I was saddened to read of the killer tornado in Indiana as well. We live in a Mobile Home Park but we have 2 storm shelters inside the park. Although that late at night, who knows if everyone could make it up there before they hit.

I am up at the storm shelter at the first sound of the tornado warning. Once, the kids and I along with the guinea pigs we had at the time, headed up there. Dave told me in typical guy-fashion that he was going to stay and "hold down the fort." Translation: Hockey playoffs are on and I'm not missing them!

About 10 minutes after we left, the hail started, he lost electricity so that meant no TV and the windows and the sky light started breaking. He told me later he thought to himself, "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!" YOU THINK?! We ended up with a new roof, sky light and windows. Tornadoes are really scary. Unless you're my son the weather man, he gets excited over severe weather!

akeskileut said...

Yes it was sad to hear about the killer tornado,keep them in your prayers and mine.
Right now the temp is 3 earlier it was -2. I was telling hubby we should put our woodstove back in.

Kerri said...

Wanna switch weather? It's colder here than normal, too, but not as cold as you are. We got some snow over the weekend. It's already melted but I love the way the mountains look now.