Saturday, November 26, 2005

-10 F

The Thanksgiving turkey took longer than the instructions said it would take to cook it. 7 minutes per pound? We had a 13 lb turkey and it was supposed to take 40 minutes to cook. I am bad at math. You figure it out. :-)

I left all that figuring in the capable hands, of Doug and Kris. The time to eat was set for 2, but we were seriously late! Due to a slow cooking turkey or a couple of late turkeys (the guys were in the shop too long!).

When the turkey was finally done, it was so delicious. We really enjoyed it and the whole family liked the flavor, even if we did use the cheaper oil. I think we might just have to try this again for Christmas dinner.

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving, fellowship-wise and weather-wise. It snowed and snowed and then the day after TG, all the ones who could -went for a snowmachine ride. The temperature has been steadily dropping since TG. When the guys (and Kim) went riding it was 0F. It is -10F cold now! I am once again thankful for the woodstove! Right now, the snow is sparkling like miniature Christmas lights outside.

Beautiful lights just like the ones we put on the tree last night. Today we have been putting up the rest of Christmas tree decorations. We want to put more lights up around the windows and the deck, but it's too cold to be outside right now.

Keep warm Alaska!

Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, but when they lit a fire in the craft it sank -- proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it, too.
(Online groaner joke)


Jill said...

That cooking time dosen't sound right. We waited for a 20-lb turkey to cook, and it sat in the oven for more than six hours. Go figure.

Connie Marie said...

This turkey was in a deep-fryer. First time we have done that.

Doughboy said...

Beautifull tree,

Bet you had your cake and ate it too,

or did it catch on fire?

Eskimos don't set fire to their kayaks,
just like you don't set fire to your cakes.

akeskileut said...

Beautiful tree:-)

I'm working on getting my tree up..making room.

Kerri said...

That tree is absolutely gorgeous! Mine is up but never turns out that way. Probably because I only use Disney ornaments. haha

I'm glad your Thanksgiving went so well.

Cute joke. hehe