Thursday, January 15, 2015

My "Sons of Thunder" UPDATED

 UPDATE:The story of my sons experiences on the Iron Dog trail have been posted at their Sons of Thunder Facebook page.  It was an exciting week not only for them but for us that watched it via's GPS connection. Many mishaps along the way due to the trail having so little snow and in many places no snow at all! Skipping their sleds across open water and in Golovin Bay they suddenly found themselves in open sea water with land in the far distance. You may enjoy reading their story which was also shared in our local newspaper and included here for your convenience: The Mat-Su Frontiersman, The Bond of Brothers Endures Toughest Iron Dog Race in Event's History.   Bravo to my sons Klint and Kris who are no longer Iron Dog Rookies since they persevered and finished the race and are now Iron Dog Veterans!

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 My sons Klint and Kris are preparing to race in the Iron Dog Snowmobile Race. They have been riding their machines for long distances whenever they can get away from the responsibilities of work and families that tie many of us down everyday. Young couples with young families are especially too busy so getting away is not as often as they would like to. The guys say that they will be happy to just finish the race as the competition in this race is very stiff with many veteran teams that will be on the trail a head of them. Personally, I have no desire to run the 2031 miles strenuous, fast and as they say "the longest, toughest snowmobile race" and neither does my husband even if I have to say so for him. :P  We could do a funny video of how not to win the Iron Dog... ha! (nah!!!!)

  I am hoping to see a lot of photos from the trail (no time for pictures from the trail Mom.) and get reports to share about how and where they are (good luck). will be equipping all the sleds with GPS tracking gadgets so keeping track of them during the run will be hard not to keep watching! I watched my son Klint for the 2014 Iron Dog Trail Class and found that I can become very irritated if the gadgets don't do what they are supposed to do. :-\ This year there seems to be more confidence in what will be attached to the machines. Hope. Hope.

 Like and Follow my sons on their Iron Dog Team #49 Sons of Thunder facebook page.

The following photos of my sons and their proud Dad were taken by Marie Aaberg, my daughter. 

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