Monday, January 05, 2015

Feeling Better

Christmas is laying all over my living room rug. That is how far I got even with help from Doug. I have been having a weird sickness. No fever. No runny nose. Just extremely weak and tired. Not sick and tired, just weak and tired. Anyway, today I feel better.

It is cold today; minus temps and according to our weather forecast it will be for the next week. It is good for freezing up the open water but does it have to be that cold? This morning the sky is a rosy pink with a purple-ish blue on the horizon. It always seems to look that way when it is cold.

By the time I figured out iCloud and got this picture of Sleeping Lady taken, all the rosy and blues were gone and all I had left was and is the cold! Brrrrr!

Back to cleaning. And I am thankful today that I feel so good. Thank You Jesus!

"...abounding in thanksgiving." Colossians 2:7

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